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By Sara Petker, B.A., M.Ed.Executive DirectorForest Cliff Camp

With summer quickly approaching, many parents are busy planning how their children will be occupied during the break from school. There are many choices of programs offered by Churches and community organizations that provide opportunities for fun and recreation during the summer months.

Christian overnight camps offer a special summer experience that has the potential to be life changing. Overnight camp has the power to impact the lives of campers in ways that other programs simply cannot. Overnight camps are usually located in beautiful natural environments with forests and lakes far from the noise and smells of the city.

Campers can leave behind the distractions of technology and the familiarity of daily routines and focus on learning new things about themselves and about God. While at camp they can make new friends and live in community in an environment that has been created just for them. Dedicated staff is well trained and committed to making the camp experience special for each camper.

Campers spend most of the time outdoors exploring nature and experiencing exciting activities that they would not get to do at home or school. Campers grow in confidence as they learn new skills and participate in the life of camp, all under the careful supervision of staff. Most of all, campers have the time of their lives.

Christian camps offer an opportunity to learn about God that is like no other children's program. The natural setting of camp is part of the gospel message. Campers see the evidence of the greatness of the creator God at camp where ever they look. They see examples of Christian role models in the staff that cares for them.

Learning about God's love is woven into every aspect of camp life. Lessons from the Bible are carefully planned and delivered in unforgettable settings like, fun chapels, campfires, and lakeside bonfires. Children who may have heard some of these stories all of their lives will hear them in a more accented way at camp. Camp is such a special place that many campers are more receptive to the gospel than they are in more routine settings. Many children understand the gospel for the first time while at camp and many have responded in faith. I have heard many adults testify to the spiritual impact that camp had on their lives when they were campers.

This summer, find the right Christian overnight camp for your child for an experience that is like no other.

Sara Petker, B.A., M.Ed.
Executive Director
Forest Cliff Camp