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Birth of Healing Rooms

Cal Pierce and his wife Michelle grew up in Redding, California where they were members of Bethel Assembly of God Church. Cal served at Bethel as an elder and board member. He says he was "the most bored board member the church had." For 25 years he was stuck in a form of Christianity that denied God's power. In June, 1996 during a service where God moved powerfully, Cal was changed by the power of God. Cal's life has been changed ever since. An Apostolic Birthing of a Worldwide Vision

The Vision

It was July 22, 1999 when Carl Pierce re-dug the wells of healing and opened up Healing Rooms in Spokane, Washington. The healing wells of John G. Lake had been waiting to be re-dug since 1935 when he passed away. Carl knew for this work to be available to the whole body of Christ, the focus must come off of a man, John G. Lake, and onto the Holy Spirit. Carl said, “Even though John G. Lake brought an amazing work to us, we must build upon that work. To have increase, we must go higher".

There is a tendency to focus on what a man has done rather than what the Holy Spirit is doing. By focusing on the Holy Spirit, the work of Healing Rooms can go into every nation and every city in every nation. Where the Holy Spirit is, His anointing is available to every believer. God said if your vision is as big as the world, it wouldn't have to be any bigger.

Every City in Every Nation

After we opened the first healing room in Spokane, we began to have visitors who came from around the world. They saw what was happening in Spokane and expressed a desire to have the same work in their city. We knew that we must have a work that could be duplicated in every nation. We developed, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, a model of operation for every healing room. It is this model that helps us to maintain the integrity of every healing room. Every healing room, no matter what nation, must be a safe place for the sick to go. The power to heal the sick is the same, no matter where a healing room is located.

The key that we bring is that healing comes by the power of God. There is power in the unity of God's people. A healing room will accomplish three key things in every city. One, equip the saints for the work of the ministry. Two, bring unity in a city as all the body of Christ can come together and minister in a healing room. And, three, it brings healing and restoration to God's people. The requirement to start a healing room in a city is if there are any sick people there. We haven’t yet seen a city that didn't meet that requirement.

The Strategy

We had an operational model that could be duplicated, now we needed a strategy to take it to the world. For me, this was unfamiliar territory. I came into this ministry with a business background. I received my degree in business administration. I was in the real estate development business when renewal came to our church, Bethel Church, in Redding, California. Since I wasn’t formally trained in biblical principles, all I could do was ask the Holy Spirit, who is my teacher, what to do.

By His direction we formed the International Association of Healing Rooms (IAHR). This would be the framework for a worldwide work. Through IAHR, we began to identify national directors and regional directors who would oversee state directors in their sphere of influence. Each national director works with our IAHR offices in Spokane to transcribe our training materials into their language. They also co-ordinate training and conferencing in their nation to grow the work throughout their country. We are constantly looking to improve this strategy. We cannot continue to reach a changing world with old wineskins.

Reforming Culture

We quickly realized that to get the body of Christ healed, we had to change cultural thinking. To do this would require a renewing of the mind according to Romans 12:2. For too long the church has justified their condition, rather than their position. We had to explain why we were sick, rather than why we were healed. The revelation that healing was in the atonement had to come to believers so that they would embrace God's will to heal them. The Spirit of Religion

The spirit of religion had to be overcome by releasing truth. The spirit of religion had established a culture in the church that caused a believer to go by what they saw, rather than by what the Spirit of God wanted to reveal. Jesus cautioned us, not to walk by sight, but by the Word of God. When we walk by sight, we see sickness in the body of Christ, and then bring the Word down to our experience, rather than have our experience changed by raising it up to the level of the Word.

Healing Rooms have come to London at Impact Church with Patricia Watt taking on the responsibility as Director and Cheryl Thomas as Associate Director The Impact Church London Healing Rooms is open every Thursday evening from 7:30 - 9 p.m. at Impact Church, 220 Adelaide St. North and at Ark Aid Street Mission, Dundas Street, London, Ontario, every Thursday from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

For more information please contact Patricia Watt at 519.438.7036 or by email at