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By Adam DuGuay

After more than 50 years serving the poor around the world, Compassion Canada reaches a huge milestone.

It all started in a basement in Chatham, Ontario, in 1962.

Bob and Janet Forsyth had been sponsoring children through Compassion International, then based in Chicago, Illinois. They loved that they had a personal link to the mission field, writing letters back and forth with their sponsored children. Their enthusiasm spread, and soon their friends and fellow church members were sponsoring kids through Compassion, too.

They wanted more Canadians to have the opportunity to sponsor children and help spread the gospel to the neediest around the world. So they took a huge leap—they drove to Chicago to ask Compassion to open a branch in Canada. But God had an even larger leap in mind. Compassion International didn’t have the capacity to expand into Canada, but they encouraged the Forsyth's to open a sister organization.

And so, Compassion Canada started in the Forsyth's basement, where for ten years they connected Christians in Canada with some of the poorest children around the world to provide things like education, health care, food—and the opportunity to hear about the new life they could find in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In 1972, Compassion moved to London, where it has been based ever since. Now, 52 years after its beginning in the Forsyth’s basement, Compassion Canada is so grateful to announce that we have reached 100,000 sponsored children!

100,000 children would fill London's Budweiser Gardens 10 times. And in each of those seats, you would see the face of a child whom is known and loved by God. You'd see eyes that might have been once dull because of hunger, neglect or disappointment, but whose eyes now shine because they have found love and hope through Compassion's ministry through the local church. In fact, Compassion Canada’s total beneficiaries–including moms, babies and young adults-exceeds 110,000.

A lot has changed over the last 50 years, but one constant has been our heart. Compassion Canada is still as dedicated as ever to serving Christ. We are still dedicated to others through the local church. And we are still focused on reaching the most vulnerable in our midst-children.

Although 100,000 sponsored children is a huge milestone, there are still so many children we'd like to reach.

"We want to see this number doubled in the coming years," says Barry Slauenwhite, President and CEO of Compassion Canada. "We invite Christians to become a missionary to an individual child through Compassion's unique, Christ-centred sponsorship program." Compassion's sponsorship program helps remove the obstacles from a child’s life that keep them from thriving. Children have the opportunity to go to school, receive health care and supplemental food when needed, and learn vital life skills to become self-supporting adults.

For more information on Compassion Canada, visit or call 1-800-563-5437. Better yet, stop by our Canadian headquarters in London to say hello! We'd love to show you around and get to know our brothers and sisters in Christ in London.