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Often, community sees the journey of youth through adolescence to be confusing and complex. With so many physical changes, cultural pressures and societal challenges, even the most healthy and supported teenagers can be broken down during this time.

On October 27th and 28th, YFC London will host our annual Banquets where we will share with you how we Engage, Equip and Empower youth. Engage - We engage youth where they are and help them to discover their abilities, passions and personal worth. We engage with youth on the streets through our Streetlight RV, during YFC Afterschool, in community sports, having coffee in our Café Connect, during cooking sessions, or connecting at the Community Youth Centre.

Equip - We equip youth with confidence, skills and faith to reach their full potential. While building healthy relationships with youth, we equip them through Guy’s group, Girl’s group, Connect, Jr. Connect, Life Skill Programs, Theatre Arts, Homework Support and other avenues of growth in order to build capacity and resiliency in the young person’s life choices.

Empower - We empower youth in critical areas of their life so that they will thrive as vibrant, diverse and inclusive members in their community. At YFC London, we endeavor to not do for others what they can do for themselves and therefore empower youth to speak, lead and do for themselves. This is accomplished through leadership training, youth social enterprise, volunteer opportunities and community connections.

How is YFC London funded? In short, then answer is from generous people like YOU. YFC London does not receive core funding from any government or city funds. This is due, in part, because we are a faith-based organization. While our faith programs are on an "opt in/opt out" basis, we will always advocate that faith is essential to a young person’s identity and healthy development.

In the words of one of our partners ... "Quite obviously, youth are the future hope of our community. But support for our young people to build high character and leadership are hard to come by today. YFC has a passion to build into our city's youth both these things. Their mission is of great importance", Rodney Lover (Lovers at Work Office Furniture)

Would you join us on our journey? Call us today at 519 686-0093 for tickets or to reserve a table.