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Many a parent has been invited to join-in at the miniature table to be served a tiny cup of imaginary tea. If you have girls then chances are high that you attended your daughter's tea parties. Those little chairs were not all that comfortable but the memory - priceless!

Another unique tea experience is enjoying High Tea at any of the English influenced tearooms around the world. One of the most famous happens at noon at the Ritz Carlton of Hong Kong where the High Tea meal can run $8,888 per couple!

Tea is indeed the universal beverage with the total value of the worldwide tea market now over $20 billion and, after water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage on the globe.

China is the world's largest producer of tea, producing about 1.5 million tons of tea each year. India is second with about 1 million tons produced per annum. The other leading tea producing countries are Argentina, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania.

Nine years ago, Tonia Jahshan and husband Hatem first tasted Cream of Earl Grey, loose-leaf tea. They loved it and brought some home to share with friends and family. "Before I knew it, I was holding 15 tea parties a month", says Jahshan, "With Hatem at my side, we set out to make premium loose-leaf tea the daily norm and create an alternative, fun income opportunity for others! We have built a direct-selling company called Steeped Tea, that empowers people to start a business of their own and become a passionate entrepreneur all while sharing a cup of tea."

Everything aligned when Tonia and Hatem partnered with investor's David Chilton and Jim Treliving of CBC's Dragons' Den.

With the rapid growth and success, Steeped Tea has been ranked number 17 on PROFIT 500's list of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies in 2014.

Introducing Joan Hepburn, a tea lover that began with those childhood tea parties and developed into a passion….and a business! Joan is the longest serving consultant with Steeped Tea.

Prior to starting the business, Joan had not experienced loose tea until she attended her first Steeped Tea tea party. She was hooked and signed up for a party of her own. That evening she netted $1200 and booked 12 parties an impressive start to a promising career.

Joan speaks of her life's journey is one of priorities and balance. "I was fortunate to be raised in a Christian home with Christian parents, and both sets of Grandparents following Christ's example", says Hepburn, "I was blessed to meet my life partner at a Christian Camp while on staff in 1979."

The Hepburn family attends and has been very involved in First Lobo Baptist Church for over 24 years, where they call home.

She has been married to Andy for 33 years and mother of two grown boys who are both married to Christian girls. What about her 1 ½ year old Grandson? “He is pure joy!”

As a Steeped Tea consultant, Joan enjoys meeting new people and sharing the business opportunity, as well as watching non-tea drinkers convert into tea enthusiasts.

Joan tells us, "Just over 2 years ago, I made the move to a full time dedication to my team and my Steeped Tea business has become my reality. With the support of my family and Steeped Tea I am very excited about what the future holds."

The Hepburn boys have seen the benefits of a home based business, having Mom at home and there for them growing up. She says, “In addition to my wonderful sons, my incredibly supportive husband Andy is my rock. Without him I couldn't be where I am today."

Not only is Andy the biggest supporter of Joan and her business, he has also been able to reap the benefits of the Steeped Tea Business. The couple has taken a Caribbean Cruise, traveled to Las Vegas, Costa Rico, soon to Jamaica and Hawaii in 2017 - all trips earned for working the Steeped Tea business. “Together we have learned that mutual support, love and faith, lived out on a daily basis, gives us purpose,” says Hepburn.

"In addition to my family," Hepburn continues, "I love the support that I have received from Steeped Tea Founders Tonia and Hatem over the years. I have had the pleasure to watch the company grow from the ground up, from Tonia packing tea in her basement to a big, beautiful warehouse in so short a time!"

Hepburn concludes with, "I love it when someone at a tea party says, 'I just don't like tea'. I take that as a challenge. Almost always, by the end of the evening I'll have created new tea enthusiast."

For more information on Steeped Tea, contact Joan Hepburn directly by phone, (519) 659-8187 home, (519) 281-9605 cell, by email or visit