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A presentation of latest Christian books to hit the stores,

Title: Taken

Author: Dee Henderson

ISBN-10: 076421571X
ISBN-13: 9780764215711

Publishing Date: April 28, 2015

Availability in London: Creation Bookstore and the Mustard Seed.

Available in Paperback, Large Print and Audio (CD or MP3)

Abducted at the age of sixteen and coerced into assisting the Jacoby crime family, Shannon Bliss has finally found a way out. She desperately wants to resume some semblance of normal life, but she also knows she has some unfinished business to attend to. She might have enough evidence to put her captors behind bars for a very long time.

When Shannon contacts private investigator Matthew Dane, a former cop, to help her navigate her re-entry into society, he quickly discovers that gaining her freedom doesn't mean her troubles are over. If the Jacoby family learns she is still alive, they'll stop at nothing to silence her.

If justice is to be done, and if Shannon's life is ever to get on track again, Matthew will need to discover exactly what happened to her--even if it means stirring up a hornet's nest of secrets.

The following reviews are by some of those that received copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for their honest review. Each reviewer states, “All opinions are entirely my own.

Once you give it chance, "Taken" is a nice ride to a happy ending.
by BTSCelebs on 7/21/2015

When I first opened up Dee Henderson’s latest release, I was surprised by how slow moving it was. It seemed like the main characters (Matthew Dane and Shannon Bliss) would never leave the hotel in Atlanta where they met. However, as the story progressed and they headed to Illinois, everything started to flow much better.

The entire inspirational tale is about 27 year-old Shannon recruiting 41 year-old retired cop Matthew to help her transition into society after escaping 11 years of torture with her kidnappers. Matt turns out to be not only a good cop and friend, but promising boyfriend material in the eyes of Shannon. Their love story is subtle, and they mostly focus on the issue of tracking down the bad guys, recovering valuables and reuniting her with her governor-to-be brother and parents.

Riveting suspense from Dee Henderson by J. Augustine on 7/15/2015

It's been quite awhile since I've read a Dee Henderson book, I think the last one was Before I Wake. I've always enjoyed her books and Taken sounded quite intriguing so I decided to give it a read. Taken wasn't exactly what I expected, it was more psychological drama instead of action drama, but I really enjoyed it. Some of Dee Henderson's newish books have been a little harder for me to get into than, say, the O'Malley series, but this one was different. I expected to take a few days reading the 420+ pages but instead finished it in a single day. I just couldn't seem to put it down, I was so totally absorbed in the story.

I really enjoyed how Taken leads the reader through the events, ramifications, and emotional journey of the return of a kidnapped girl. Instead of being about the search for a missing girl and ending with a joyous reunion, Taken is the story of what happens after, what the first days are like, all of the messy thoughts and feelings, the emotional adjustment for everyone involved. Life, especially after a seriously traumatic event isn't always clear-cut. People's thoughts, emotions, and motivations are a truly tangled web. Dee Henderson has a real knack for answering and asking questions readers may not have even thought of before.

Another plus is the very dramatic cover that the Bethany House team gave this book. It really matches the story and I can easily say that it is going to be one of my favourites from 2015.

Fascinating, emotionally intense, Dee Henderson's latest is definitely a riveting story and it's one you really won't want to miss.

Could use some filling in
by Kelly on 6/2/2015

I felt that the book held my interest okay, but the it left a lot to the imagination. As readers we have to spend a lot of time filling in story lines and plots inside ourselves to get a very clear picture of exactly what Shannon went through while under captivity with the Jacoby crime family.

Flash backs and excerpts from her memory leave something to be desired and even though the book claims to be suspenseful, it leaves something to be desired in that department.

The book is Christian romance/suspense, so I understand that things have to be limited in terms of what exactly is said when referring to flashbacks or details about the crimes and things the Jacoby crime family have done. That could prove to be very triggering and put offish to someone looking to read a Christian only type of book

That being said the book could be read by either audience, Christian or otherwise as the amount of actual Christian/God things are limited.

I have since read a lot of reviews on Dee Henderson’s other books and see a lot of hype focusing on some of her other series. I would definitely like to read something else by her so I can get a better feel of how she writes as an author.

Taken was less than Stellar by Robin on 5/11/2015

It was an easy read overall. The characters were likable and previous ones became more likable through this book. I found the romance lacking. There really was no chemistry between the two. I really liked Matthew and Shannon. They were strong capable and helpful people. The mystery was fun but over blown in my opinion. I enjoyed the secret hideaways the Jacoby family kept and the paranoia the family had was realistic. The trauma and events related to her kidnapping were realistic and yet the fear Shannon had were not equal to the description on the back of the book. I know that back of the books can be misleading sometimes but this one was lacking. The hornets nest of secrets and why she was taken was very vaguely answered and everything was wrapped up so neatly it felt false to me. This book is no way equal to the Mallory series that I loved. I found this book to be fair overall and am sad because Dee Henderson has such a talent for weaving a story. I keep hoping that some big twist or turn will reignite the spark for me.

Dee Henderson, has officially set herself apart from the pack ... WOW!!!
by PredestinedPurpose on 4/24/2015

I rarely give fiction books a 5 of 5 rating. There are a number of reasons for my reluctance; but the most overriding reason is that many fiction books do not provide a good marriage of strong, well-thought out, realistic plots and well-developed, relatable, characters. Some of the very best authors only provide one of the two at any given time. Taken's author, Dee Henderson, has officially set herself apart from the pack. In the hands of a lessor author the novel’s plot would have come off as somewhat improbable; Ms. Henderson effectively moved the improbable to the land of realistic. The characters displayed both strengths and weaknesses; and the story evolved in such a way that motives and behaviors could be easily understood (even if not agreed with). In addition, Ms. Henderson expertly placed Christian values on display. I was thoroughly impressed with her handling of suffering and ill-treatment of believers. (Her willingness to weigh in on "why bad things happen to good people" is commendable.)

Bravo and standing ovation, Ms. Henderson!!!