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According to the Canadian Pediatric Society, when used correctly, car seats reduce the risk of death by 71% for infants and by 54% for children age 1 to 4.  The risk of hospitalization for this age group is reduced by 67%.  Booster seats provide 59% more protection for young children than seat belts alone.

Children's Furniture Gallery Provides the Double-Check on Your Purchased and Installed Child Car Seats

2 Years ago, Children's Furniture Gallery launched a service to help customers ensure greater safety with their child car seats. After a customer purchases a car seat and installs it in his/her car; the customer can then return to Children's Furniture Gallery to have a certified representative double-check whether the car seat was installed correctly. The representative will help the parents fix any errors as well as demonstrate how to correctly harness the child.

The store doesn't offer initial installation services because it is important for customers to learn how to install and properly remove the seat themselves. Hence, they are offering follow-up inspection services to guarantee that their customer’s children remain safe in emergency situations.

Children's Furniture Gallery has been known over the years for selling car seats from top brands which are manufactured in line with Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The violation of these standards not only puts your family in danger, but you will also be subject to substantial fines. The safest child car seat in the world however, will fail to do its job unless you ensure that it is suitable for your child and properly installed. Proper installation and correctly harnessing your child before every car ride are crucial for maximum protection during a crash.

According to store owner, Harold Duesbury "Proper fit is extremely important when it comes to the installation of child car seats. We have found that up to 85% of children are not harnessed properly or ride in a seat that has not been installed correctly. Babies and children are more vulnerable to injuries because their skeletons and muscles are still developing. An incorrectly used car seat greatly compromises protection during a crash. And it's not just infants, we recommend our customers return for a double check when turning their car seat forward facing as well."

Harold further went on to comment that Children's Furniture Gallery has been successful in the past 2 decades because of their commitment to customer education.

"We ensure that customers who purchase any product from us whether furniture, glider rocker or safety gate, have thorough knowledge of our products. This is especially true for car seats. We only hire our employees on a non-commissioned basis so they focus on informing customers rather than pressuring them to make quick purchases. And now, we have launched our new service where customers can come back to the store to have one of our certified installation experts double check the car seat they installed."

The major aspects that the installation experts look for are:
  • Correct car seat for the child
  • Harness and buckle are slotted correctly
  • Child is harnessed correctly
  • Car seat fits the vehicle seat
  • Compatibility using the vehicle seat belt or LATCH
  • Seat belt or LATCH are routed through the correct path
  • The amount of movement in the car seat installation
  • Handle is in the correct position
  • Correct angle of the car seat
  • Tether strap used correctly or stored if not in use

In addition, you should know that thick clothes like bulky winter jackets or adding a bunting bag or head hugger to the car seat can make the harness less effective. So do not add extra padding between your child and the straps and remember to remove bulky coats when placing your child in the car seat. Finally, installation instructions vary between car seats and vehicles so be sure to consult both the car seat manual and your vehicle owner's manual before attempting to install any car seat.

For more information about child car seat installations and to schedule a installation inspection by a certified installation expert, please call Children’s Furniture Gallery at 519-649-2590 or 1-800-613-9280. Children's Furniture Gallery is located at 1040 Wharncliffe Road South in London. Click HERE to visit their web site.