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A presentation of latest Christian books to hit the stores,

Title: The Photograph

Author: Beverly Lewis

ISBN: 0764212478

ISBN-13: 9780764212475

Publishing Date: September 1, 2015

Availability in London: Creation Bookstore and the Mustard Seed.

Eva is reeling from her sister Lily's disappearance. Did an outsider woo her away? Meanwhile, buggy maker Jed Stutzman finds a snapshot of an Amish woman. When he walks into Eva's sweet shop with the mysterious picture, Eva is drawn to the handsome stranger---but the woman in the photograph is no stranger at all! Product Information

5 independent reviews...

Reviewed by – not identified
5 Stars Out Of 5

Beverly Lewis does it again! Just when you think that she has surely run out of original storylines, out pops another one. This book revolves around a mystery that slowly unravels revealing a piece of the puzzle at a time.

This time the story centers around a photograph of an Amish woman mysteriously tucked between the pages of a book and inadvertently left on the seat of a train. Jed Stutzman, an Amish man, stumbles upon the photo while he is on the train going to Eden Valley on a business trip.

The Amish don't take photos and the woman in this particular picture is obviously posing for the camera. That leaves Jed mighty perplexed. Who is she and why would she go against their beliefs to so brazenly allow the photo to be taken?

Imagine Jed's surprise when he unexpectedly runs into the woman in the photo in Eden Valley. Instead of answers to his questions, more questions develop.

Even after all of these years I am continually drawn to the writings of Beverly Lewis. Her characters may be from the Amish faith but their situations and hopes and desires are similar to those that we non Amish experience as well. This particular novel reaches deep into our longings and explores what it means to give up what seems to be a better life for the one that God intends.

If you enjoy a story about people who struggle to do what is right amid pressure to do what the flesh desires then I think that you are going to enjoy this book. There is a reason that Beverly Lewis consistently tops the charts and The Photograph is another shining example of that talent.

Reviewed by Lecia
Timberville, Va.
Age: 55-65
3 Stars Out Of 5

The book centers around three sisters, Eva, Frona and Lily. Lily disappears only months after their mother’s death. To make matters worse Eva and Frona have no idea where their sister is and they have to relocate, because their brother Menno will be taking over the farmhouse.

Jed Stultzman, an Amish buggy maker from Ohio shows up in Eden Valley with a photo of a plain English woman that he found on a train. He wonders why a devout Amish girl would have her picture taken.

Jed and Eva run into each other at a farm sale. Jed is stunned as he looks at Eva, this is the girl in the photograph.

How can he find out who she is and why she had the photo taken.

You will have to read the book yourself to find the answer to this.

Beverly Lewis is one of my favorite Amish authors, but I will have to say I was a little disappointed in this book. It just seemed to be stuck in the same spot forever. It was an alright story, but not Beverly Lewis's best work.

Reviewed by – not identified
5 Stars Out Of 5

Eva Esch wants to marry for love, the kind that makes her heart sing. That was the type of relationship her parents had. However, her only prospect, Alfred Dienner, doesn't even make her heart flutter. This Amish girl lives with her two sisters, dour Frona and fun-loving Lily, on the family farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Recently, her beloved mother passed away, and her father died on her sixteenth birthday. Twenty-year-old Eva copes with her heartache by making and selling candy in the small shop her father built for her.

Is love really necessary for a good marriage?

Eva's life is further turned upside down when her brother, Menno, announces he and his family will be taking over the farm soon, and closing the candy shop. He tells the three sisters there will only be room for one, the other two need to move somewhere else--or find husbands!

The next morning, Eva is heartbroken to find Lily has left home. A massive search is begun to find her, but it is feared she has left the Amish life for good. On top of that, Eva receives a letter from Alfred Dienner who says he wants to court her long distance. Despite not loving him, should she take him up on it now because of her brother's plans?

Meanwhile, in another part of the county...
Jed Stutzman is coming to Lancaster County to temporarily work in the buggy shop. On his way there, he finds a novel that has been treated like a diary. A girl has written her thoughts, along with her heart's desire for romance and love, in the margins of the book. Her words immediately draw him to the writer, although he is shocked to find a picture of an Amish girl stuck in the book, since photographs are a serious violation of their faith.

This is the first girl he has felt attracted to since the death of his fanatic two years earlier. Finding this girl seems hopeless since there is no identification in the book, or on the picture. However, that all changes when he is in Lancaster County, and sees the girl in the photo.

He spends as much time with her as he can before he returns to Ohio, promising to write her. But once home, events that took place at their parting are causing him to have second thoughts. He questions his feelings for her. Maybe he should just quietly distance himself from her, and not communicate at all.

This tale contains misunderstandings, mistaken identities, failed romances and a bit of mystery. The characters are likeable with an interesting story-line. This book is a page turner that keeps your attention up to the last page. I think The Photograph is a very enjoyable, and highly recommend it. This 5-star book will appeal to anyone who likes stories about the Plain people, or well-written fiction.

Reviewed by: Marilyn
- Coral Springs, FL
4 Stars Out Of 5

Another great one by Beverly Lewis

Eva Esch feels her world is falling apart. When her sister decides to run away, Eva feels it is just to much to bear. She knows God has a plan but what could it be. When being pursued by two wonderful men can she find true love in one or is he actually in love with someone else or the idea of someone else?

Jed Stutzman never imagined finding a life changing book with an intriguing picture on his journey. When he stumbles upon the actual girl, she is better than he could have ever imagined. When the truth finally comes to light so much miscommunication may be more than a budding relationship can handle.

Will anyone be able to find Eva's sister and bring her back before she is lost for good?

This novel is set in the 80's with all the wonderful Amish lifestyle and family devotion that we find with any Beverly Lewis novel. There are twist and turns, forgiveness and love all twisted together to make a great novel. I look forward to another glimpse into the lives of those in this novel, hopefully there will be more.

Reviewed by "Homeschooling Mommy
5 Stars Out Of 5

Another Solid Beverly Lewis Amish Novel

About this time last year, I reviewed the Beverly Lewis novel, The River, and found it enjoyable since we had recently passed through Amish country. Beverly Lewis's newest Amish novel, The Photograph, included several of the same characters and set in the same Lancaster County town as The River, though it takes place a few years later, so I was excited to read it.

Eva, Frona, and Lily Esch are Amish sisters who live together in their childhood home. Both of their parents have recently passed away, and their older brother is looking for a way to make them move out so he can move in there with his family. Still grieving their parents and finding out that they must find a new home, tragedy strikes again for the Esch family when youngest sister Lily runs away, leaving the Amish community for an unknown English beau outside of Pennsylvania. Eva and Frona are fraught with worry for their sister, wondering if they will ever see her again.

Eva is attracted to Jed, but can she allow herself to fall for someone when she should be spending her time and energy focusing on bringing Lily home? Can Jed move past his loss and open himself up to love again?

Like the rest of the Beverly Lewis novels I've read, I enjoyed The Photograph. It combines Amish culture with romance, and I always learn something new about Amish culture and traditions. On a silly note, I have to admit that I had a soft spot in my heart for Jed, since it reminds me of my late beloved shih-tsu also named Jed. I really came to like Eva; I wanted to be friends with her. I only wish the novel had spent more time talking about the book that Jed found on the train, since that played a large part in the ending. Overall, though, it was a good read and I can't wait for the next Beverly Lewis novel to come.