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No One Is an Island

Christmas of 1981 was a challenging time in our family story. I remember just weeks before, sitting quietly on a flowered couch in our living room with my two big sisters on each side.   

In front of us was my wet-eyed Dad and Mom explaining that our family business was in trouble. At that time, my parents had built a convenience store started in the sixties into a group of retail businesses with locations in several farming communities. Now it was crashing down.   

A day or two after our living room talk, the news was the bold headline in our local paper.  

Through the hard experience of selling our bankruptcy assets, my Dad started a used business equipment warehouse outlet. He worked long hours for months and soon I was working with him days I was off from school.  

An amazing thing as I look back over the last 30 years is how God has used those challenging times to pull our family closer to him and bless us even more.  

One Christmas blessing has been quiet times during the holidays. Our business now doesn't need to be in the rush of retail Christmas. My grandfather, a wonderful Christ-follower, during the busy retail years told my Dad "If this is Christmas, I don't want it." Busy retail is a hard way to enjoy Jesus birth. I wish blessings on retailers who can find God moments in amongst their seasonal chaos, for sure.   

Through our atWork Office Furniture team in London, we have been able to meet so many people and be a conduit for His blessings. It would be completely unimaginable to that wet-eyed family sitting on those flowered couches.  

To you and yours, our family wish you all God's peace and blessings now and throughout the New Year.