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By Rick Vandekieft

No Child Left Inside – what a clever title you say? Thank you but it’s blatant plagiarism. No Child Left Inside is the theme of Camp Cherith’s 2016 brochure and we are just borrowing it.

It's that time again. Are we sending the kids to camp this summer? Can we afford it? What camp? What do we want them to do? What do they want to do? …And the questions go on and on.

There are certainly wrong answers to these questions but there is not just one right answer either. Options are limitless, even when you have reduced the options from “any camp” to “Christian Camps”.

In this article we are providing you with suggestions and information as answers to those many questions you and your family may have.

We also are providing you with links to 200+ Christian Camps across Canada. These links will take you to the Camp's web site as well as contact information and, in most cases, 2016 prices.

This article contains:
  • A Camp Experience Video
  • Introduction of CCI Canada
  • Why consider a Summer Camp?
  • Why consider a Christian Summer Camp
  • Links to the more than 200 Canadian Christian Camps

A Camp Experience Video


CCI/Canada belongs to Christian Camping International, which is a worldwide alliance of Christian camping associations in more than thirty countries. They operate as a non-profit, non-denominational organization, helping their members develop effective Christ-centered camp, conference, and retreat ministries.

CCI/Canada represents a growing membership of more than 200 camps and conference centres across Canada. Their member camps enrich the lives of an estimated 125,000 children, youth, and families every summer. CCI Canada’s continued vision is to become an indispensable resource for their members.

Simply put CCI/Canada is a network of Christian camps, providing a strong offering of exceptional opportunities for children and adults through summer camp programs, conference venues, and retreat experiences. CCI/Canada is Canada’s largest Christian camping association.

The following statement of faith is shared by all CCI organizations worldwide:
"We believe in...
  • The Holy Scriptures as originally given by God, divinely inspired, infallible, entirely trustworthy and the supreme authority in all matter of faith and conduct;
  • The triune God -- Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
  • The deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, His substitutionary atonement for sin, His bodly resurrection and His personal, visible return to earth to reign in righteousness and glory;
  • The person of the Holy Spirit and His work of conviction, regeneration and sanctification, who indwells every believer, equipping them with gifts for service and witness;
  • The necessity of new birth, in salvation by faith in Jesus Christ alone, and the importance of a life fully committed to the will of God in Christ;
  • The church as the one, universal body of Christ who is the Head, called to be God's redeemed people.


Independence and Self-Esteem
At summer camp, the children are lifted from their usual routine. In most cases, their parents and usual friends aren't there. Summer camp gives kids the unique opportunity to branch out and make new friends while learning new things in a positive environment. Camp provides a wonderful environment for your child to grow. They will learn new skills and try lots of activities, but they'll also learn more about themselves and how to interact with others. All of this is done under the guidance and support of positive role models. Camp counsellors are seen less by kids as "teachers" or "bosses" and more as cool, older friends. And these camp counsellors want to help your child grow, learn, and generally have the best time ever!

New Interests
Because summer camp is packed with fun activities like horseback riding, archery, canoeing, rock climbing, arts and crafts, drama and music, kids get the chance to explore interests they never knew they had. Your child might come home with a new passion! And even if they don't fall completely in love with one activity, the chance to try so many different things will definitely enrich their development. There are also many camps that specify in a certain activity that your child might already have an interest in.

Active Lifestyles
Many kids today prefer watching television or playing videos games to physical activity. Camp is an environment where kids can learn to have fun being active. It'll get them out of the house and onto the sports field, or rock wall, or beachfront!

Appreciation for Nature
Most camps are situated in a natural setting. Kids who spend most of their lives in the city will get the chance to explore nature -- a chance they might not get the rest of the year going to school. Many camps offer specific orienteering or outdoor adventure programs, which can be a unique and invaluable experience for your child.

Building Memories
Kids come away from camp having just had the best week of their lives! They've made new pals (who often become lifelong friends), they've experienced all sorts of fun activities, and most importantly, they feel good about themselves! The good memories your child will make at camp will last a lifetime.

Camp Changes Lives!
We all know or have even experienced examples of how summer camp has changed lives. It's what makes camp leaders want to keep working in these awesome ministries. The growth children experience as they learn to be more patient, respectful, confident and skilled is evident, as many parents can testify.

CCI Canada member camps are all Christian camps, which means they intend to share the love of God to their campers while offering an activity-packed week of fun. This nurturing, inclusive environment is unparalleled. Offering the opportunity for spiritual growth as well as growth in skill and character is what makes CCI/Canada's member camps different from other camps in Canada. CCI Canada believes that the values of the camp staff can instil in the campers can only serve to positively influence their young lives.


CCI Canada member camps are all Christian camps, which means they intend to share the love of God to their campers while offering an activity-packed week of fun.

While at a Christian camp, kids can learn that they have a purpose in life and that they were created for a reason. This sense of purpose will help them grow towards a bright and positive future.

While your child is exploring new activities at camp, he or she will also have the opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. A Christian camp can teach your children that they are truly valuable - a precious creation by a loving God. They will learn the importance of loving their neighbours and treating others the way they want to be treated. They will be not only engage in nature, but also with He who created it!

Christian camp staff view their jobs as an important ministry. They are called by God to show love and kindness to their campers, to provide a good example and be a positive role model. Their sole purpose at camp is to make sure your child has fun, stays safe, and experiences the love of God. Every child is welcome and equally valued, just as God equally values all of His children. This nurturing, inclusive environment is unparalleled, and it's why Christian camps exist!


Click HERE for an alphabetical listing of all CCI Member Christian Camps in Canada
Click HERE for a search by name of all CCI Member Christian Camps in Canada
Click HERE for a search by province of all CCI Member Christian Camps in Canada
Click HERE for the advanced search option.