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Read the winning essays here!

The student creative essay contest has come to a close. This contest has reaffirmed the talents of our youth to express themselves and their love for the Lord so eloquently. The judges all admit to have been challenged in selecting the ultimate winners in each of the categories. Consider these comments from our judges...
“Beautifully written, an inspiring story from a selfless young lady!”
“Nicely done! A number of great examples of God in nature.”
“A wonderful and thoughtful application of your favorite Bible verse.
“Insightful and clearly well researched. High marks for an excellent essay.”
“A beautiful story of God’s love and healing power”

This Welcome to the Walking with HIM Student Creative Writing Contest gave students the chance to share in the valuable Prize Package in two groups:

Group 1 is exclusively for registered students of grade 6, 7 and 8.
Group 2 is exclusively for registered students of grade 9, 10, 11 and 12

Well into the contest we had two requests to accept essays from children being home schooled. We responded to both agreeing to accept entrees from Home Schooled children.

We are proud to announce the winners and invite you to read these two outstanding pieces.

The winner in Group 1; Grade 12 student Scott VanDorp. His entry is entitled; “God Puts the Awe in Awesome” Scott has won an Apple iPad mini. Scroll down to read Scott’s piece.

The winner in Group 2; Grade 8 student Jenna Goldsack for entry which she entitled; “This is How I am Making a Difference in My World”. An Apple Watch will be given to Jenna for winning Group 2. Scroll down to read Jenna’s piece.

Congratulations Scott, Jenna and all of the other winners.


“This is How I am Making a Difference in My World”

by Jenna Goldsack

When you turn on the news each day, or pick up a newspaper, you are almost always met with images of suffering, war and social injustices. When I get driven to school each day, I pass by homeless people on the street and sleeping under an overpass. It is easy to be overwhelmed by all of the negative things that seem to be happening in the world. It might also be easy just to ignore these things and carry on each day as if nothing was wrong. Instead, I have chosen to do my part to help make my community a better place.

In the Bible, John 15:12 tells us that we should, “love one another, as I have loved you.” This seems like a simple rule, and it is one I try to remember every day when I see people or situations that require some help and kindness. I would like to tell you about some of the ways I am trying to make a difference in the world.

Since I was 6 years old, I have used my birthday celebrations as a way to support local charities. This has been a tradition in my house that started with my two older siblings, and I recognize that getting presents for my birthday is not as important as helping others who need the gifts or money more. After all, God has blessed me with a family that provides me with everything I need. Through my birthday donations, I have been able to support the Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario, The Tara Boom Houston Children’s Foundation, the Ronald McDonald House, Educate the Children (to help build a school in Nigeria), and the local food bank.

Another way I am helping in my community is through our annual “Halloween for Hunger” food drive. Every Halloween for the past 6 years, my sisters and I head out in our costumes to collect “cans instead of candy”. Thanks to the generosity of the people in our neighbourhood, our annual collection of cans and other non-perishable food items, continues to grow each year. This past Halloween, we collected over 500 items that were donated to the Saint Vincent de Paul food cupboard at St. John the Divine Parish to support the poor and hungry in our own community.

I have also found a way to help some of the homeless people that live in London. I often see these men and women standing on street corners, sidewalks, or even in front of churches and grocery stores, holding up signs asking for help because they are cold and hungry. Every time I pass by a homeless person, I feel the need to stop and help in some way. Since I don’t always have money with me, I decided to make “angel bags” instead. My “angel bags” are filled with essential things homeless people will need to keep them warm and nourished, such as gloves or mittens, hats, socks, and healthy snacks. The bags are kept in both of my parents’ vehicles, so that they are ready and accessible when the need arises. It isn’t always easy to stop at an intersection to pass one of my “angel bags” through the window to someone in need, but the end result makes it very worthwhile. The happy and excited look on the face of the homeless person after receiving the bag makes me realize that a simple thing like this can really make a difference in someone’s life. It also reminds me of Matthew 25:40 that says “whatever you did for the least of these, you did for me.” This means that when we help someone in need, like the homeless person, we are symbolically helping God as well.

I think the best part about helping people in my community is the spirit of giving that arises in other people as a result. Many people, both young and old alike, have commented that “if you can do this to help others, maybe I should do more to help as well.” Even though I am just one person, I know I am making a difference in my community and in my world. Sometimes a simple act of kindness leads to another, and another, and another. Soon this “pay it forward” attitude leads to a tidal wave of good deeds, happiness and kindness. The light of Christ lives among us, and it is up to all of us to ensure that this light never fades and goes out.


“God Puts the Awe in Awesome”

by Scott VanDorp

God is an awesome God who has revealed himself to His people in several ways. One of the obvious ways that prove how amazing He really is is evident through His creation, especially in the laws and science which were created with the earth to help govern it. The creator shows His thought and attention to detail in the perfect way that earth itself was created so that it could support life. Another example of God’s care and imagination can be seen in the complexity of God’s creation, mankind. God proves that He puts the awe in awesome through the laws He put in creation to ensure it ran smoothly, through the very spot in the universe that the earth was put, it’s speed and size, and through the existence, and behavior of humankind, God’s creation.

God created the world and put into action certain scientific laws which help to govern it. Three of these laws were described by Sir Isaac Newton and are known as the laws of motion.

“The first law states that a body remains at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by a force. The second law states that a body's rate of change of momentum is proportional to the force causing it. The third law states that when a force acts on a body due to another body, then an equal and opposite force acts simultaneously on that body” ("Newton's 3 laws of motion.").

These laws explain how God made the world to work in ways that are easy to comprehend. Gravity is a law set in place by God that prevents earth from drifting off and out into space, and keeps people grounded. Gravity also controls the tides and many other blessings people often overlook or take for granted. More examples of God's incredible thought and power include the water and carbon cycles. These cycles provide creation with water and plants with carbon dioxide. God put so much thought into everything that He did and created. The incredible thought put into along with the power to create the scientific laws show how God puts the “awe” in awesome.

On top of the laws which work themselves out on earth, the factors necessary for the earth to exist prove the awesomeness of the creator. Earth is in what is called the habitable zone.

“If a planet is outside of this habitable zone than it is believed to be incapable of sustaining life because outside of this band it is impossible for liquid water to exist. The most important factor in the possibility of life is the presence of liquid water because its role as a solvent in biochemical reactions is essential” (Abby Cessna).

The habitable zone is the spot in the earth's solar system that is not too hot or too cold to support life. If the sun were bigger or hotter, then the zone would move away and the earth would be left too hot to support life. If the sun were smaller or not as hot then the earth would freeze. On top of that, if the earth were moved farther away from or closer to the sun then life on earth would cease to exist. God made the earth so that it is in the perfect spot to support life. Along with being the correct temperature, earth is also maintaining its intended rotation. The planet is moving at the right speed, is the correct distance from other celestial bodies and is the perfect mass in order for it to stay in orbit. The force of gravity pulls planets toward the sun, but the momentum and mass of the earth push it away. If the force pulling the earth toward the sun and the force pushing it away didn't balance out perfectly then the earth would drift out to space or be sucked into the sun. In order for life on earth to exist the earth had to be placed in the perfect spot, in a galaxy with the perfect star. The planet also had to have the exact same amount of force pushing it away from the sun as it did pulling it in. It seems impossible for this to be an accident. When God created the universe he took special care to make the earth perfect for supporting life. This care definitely shows how He puts the awe in awesome.

Within all these laws and impossibilities, there exists another part of creation which is incredibly complex in its imagination, uniqueness, and development; humankind. God made people in His own image and went to great detail when creating how humans function. People are not the same as the rest of the creatures God created. It’s easy to see that people were given special characteristics. Humans are able to best understand and make use of God’s creation. When one thinks about all the things man has made from creation, and from their ever growing understanding of it, like the Eiffel Tower, Pyramids and Tāj Mahal, it leaves the observer amazed. When thinking about the one who created the creators of these structures the thought truly shows the power of the Lord. Not only did God create all things, but He made people and gave them the information and imagination to create. God also gave people the ability to interact with each other, everyone in a unique way. Think of all the characteristics and experiences that make an individual who they are. Everything that a person experiences affects who one is and how one will act. People were made with emotions. God created those emotions, something that people don't fully understand or know how to simulate. People were also designed to grow, change and be influenced by what is around them. Babies are not born ready to be adults. God made them weak. People are designed to slowly learn and absorb information so that they might become strong someday. God guides people as they grow to become the person they are meant to be. He has a plan and wants the best for each of His people. The incredible individuality, complexity and creativity of mankind shows the incredible power of the creator and how much He cares.

All the ways in which God shows His care, thought, and power through the different parts of creation show how amazing He is. If God didn't put the kind of work He did into creation, the earth may have ended up a little too far away from the sun and life would cease to exist. He could have left out the scientific laws and there would be no controlling what happens on earth. It would have been easy for him to say that there was no point in making people different from each other, or making them at all. God didn’t have to create everything He did so well, but He choose to make things right. He chose  to care about His creation, and to put thought into everything. Whether or not someone is a Christian it is hard to ignore creation, its beauty, its vastness, and its complexity. How people can call creation an accident after seeing the care and thought put into it is strange. So many things had to go right for the world to be possible. Creation points to a creator and displays how He truly puts the awe in awesome.

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