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Today’s youth experience social isolation, vast amounts of media, bullying, poverty, social pressures, mental health, employment barriers and the list goes on. While programs and activities help, there is more required to have a lasting and eternal impact.

At London Youth for Christ, we believe that journeying with youth and connecting with Christ is the missing piece in creating a vibrant, inclusive and diverse community. As we journey with youth, we validate them for who they are and empower them from where they are at. This allows youth to experience self-discovery as they have mentors and role models who walk through life with them. Connecting with Christ allows youth to discover their individual identity through a relationship with Jesus and to know that they are loved and created on purpose for a unique purpose.

A YFC staff member shared the following story of the impact of journeying with youth.

“In July I took a group of students to a basketball tournament in Toronto. We arrived super early and therefore had 3 hours to kill with a group of frustrated and bored young men. I prayed and asked God for some help on what to do.

We ended up back in the van and on our way to the Toronto beaches. We bought ice creams and went for a walk on the boardwalk, some of the guys found this very amusing. “Who goes for a walk anyway?”

We then got to the end of the boardwalk and I decided to start skipping stones on the water. Some guys looked at me like I was an old man. But within five minutes all ten of the teenage boys were standing next to me skipping stones for the next hour. Some of the guys had never done this before and they didn’t know how to skip the stones. This was something most boys would do with their dad. Then I realized the deep truth in this moment. Many of our boys didn’t have that opportunity.

I felt God’s presence with these young men as they experienced the most regular of activities. There were many more activities that day, however the highlight for me was the hour on the beach skipping stones and seeing cool kids become children again and discovering the Father’s love for them.”

This is why Youth Sponsorship is so critical. At London Youth for Christ, each of our programs have an associated modest fee that covers basic supplies and special trips. However it is Youth Sponsorship at $34/month that allows us to journey with youth and bring the hope of Jesus to these relationships.

While we are not able to provide you with an individual photo of the youth you will be sponsoring due to privacy regulations, we have setup a Sponsor Encouragement Board at YFC where we will be posting notes from sponsors for youth to read. We will also be including notes from our youth in the YFC newsletters for those who are monthly sponsors.

Today, you can partner with us by becoming a monthly Youth Sponsor for one or more youth and experience the excitement of knowing that you are bringing the hope of Jesus to a young life in our city.

Visit our website at or call the office 519-686-0093 to start your sponsorship today!