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Success Attracts the Best
Meet the Christian Life in London Literary Contributors

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Christian Life in London Online was launched in February 2012 with this edition being the 53rd edition since the launch. On average, each edition includes 15-articles/ interviews/ news and fiction features. To bring features that will be of interest to you, our faithful readers, we must deliver quality material each and every month. Since February 2012, there have been 795 Good News features written by many extremely talented people.

Beginning with this edition, we are so pleased to announce that Helena Smrcek and Nigel Garnaitis have joined Mike Toth and Darlene Turner as regular contributing writers to Christian Life in London.

Meet the Christian Life in London Literary Contributors

Helena Smrcek

Helena’s first ever publishing attempt, during her second year of high school, drew the unwanted attention of the Czechoslovakian State Secret Police. It was 1985, the iron fist of communism still firmly in place, left no room for freedom of speech.

Four years later, a teen refugee and a newcomer to Canada, still in high school, despite her struggles with English, Helena submitted three articles to The Mississauga News. To her astonishment, they were published, earning her a by-line and a twenty-dollar cheque.

But her dream of a journalism degree disintegrated in the necessities of everyday life. As many new immigrants, Helena got a job and stuck with it. Writing on hold, she focused on her young family.

In 1999 she returned to writing and discovered that fiction set her heart on fire. Burning Justice is her debut novel. Burning Justice was followed by Color of Money and Glitter of Sorrow.

Helena is working on a new novel and also work with us at Christian Life in London with works about her life, the people she meets, her work and so much more. Stay tuned!

Nigel Garnaitis

Nigel was born and raised in London, ON. A recent graduate of Huron University College, he is currently continuing his studies at Tyndale University College while enjoying a number of volunteer and paid positions in the London community. He and his wife are involved at Mosaic Church in the Kipps Lane area, where they also reside. He loves anything to do with the outdoors, non-fiction reading of all sorts, and third-wave coffee.

Nigel has accepted the role as the Christian Life in London roving reporter, bringing you stories, news and interviews of interesting missions, ministries and Christian activities in and around London. A few of his first submissions are included in this issue.

Darlene Turner

Darlene was better known as “Red” or “Carrot Top” during her early years but also known as the one that loved to read and write. She says that ever since she picked up her first Nancy Drew book, she has always loved a good mystery and when her love of writing took hold of her heart. Was it the spark that faded or just the craziness of every day life but the passion to write was moved to the back burner.

Years flew by and after rough roads; she picked up the pen again. With the spark re-ignited, she joined a writer’s club (WWC – Women Writing for Christ, London, ON) and her passion for writing grabbed her heart once again. “I knew God wanted me to write my story, but it wouldn’t happen right away”.

She has fulfilled her dream of completing her first book. Then a second and now working on a third. Darlene lives in London with her husband Jeff.

We are blessed to have Darlene as a long standing contributor of spiritual insights along with her current series in Christian Life in London, the fictional novel; Death Brings Life on the High Seas.

Mike Toth

Mike comes to Christian Life in London with quite a diverse background. He spent 13 years as a police officer in Nashville, Tennessee, the last seven of which he also volunteered in a Christian ministry located in the same area he policed.

Since leaving the police department in 2001 he has worked serving drug and alcohol addicted men, the un- and under-employed poor, the developmentally disabled, and the homeless.

In his current role as Intake/Program Supervisor at Men's Mission - Mission Services of London he manages the intake department as well as the management of the housekeeping and maintenance departments.

Mike is also involved with community education including public speaking and interaction with city government.

He lives in London with his wife Celeste and three children, enjoying his connections with Christian churches and ministries in the city.

For Christian Life in London, Mike writes articles on local ministries/ministers for the purpose of introducing other Christians to some of the great, but sometimes-lesser known, works going on in London and area.