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By Ray Alary – Trans World Radio

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Even when you are not the recipient of the miracle, it is powerful to see it happen. I first met this couple in Central Asia, they had fled their home country due to religious persecution. Now they live in Canada. God has stepped in and done the impossible in their lives and their story demonstrates the power of radio in a country closed to the Gospel.


A brother and sister walked down the street when they passed a store playing a radio station they had never heard before. They slowed as they walked past because the voice on the radio sounded familiar. They knew this voice! But it was impossible. The voice on the radio sounded like their uncle’s, but he had left their country years ago for North America. He had become a Christian and was not allowed to return.

But it was their uncle’s voice on the radio, the girl (we’ll call her D) was sure. This store owner took a tremendous risk playing a Christian radio program (from TWR) openly because in their country listening to a program like this could get you arrested or worse. D and her brother took the risk of lingering in the store until the program was finished and she memorized the frequency.

D and her brother were Kurdish and had been brought up in a Muslim home so the Gospel was not something they encountered often. The message from the radio touched D’s heart. Of course she had heard about Jesus, but Jesus the prophet not Jesus the Saviour -- and she was thirsty to hear more. She wanted to understand everything her uncle had said on the radio.

Every evening, D listened to her uncle teach about the Bible on the radio. She hid in the basement listening with ear buds. She sent her uncle many questions by email, sometimes twice a day. Her uncle never admitted that he was the voice on the radio, but he answered her questions. On her own, D accepted Christ as her Saviour. She continued to learn and ask her uncle questions in secret.

Bible Conference

After six months, D’s uncle arranged for her and her sister to visit him in a neighbouring country. He was serving as a translator at a Bible conference. D’s sister also accepted Christ at the conference. The uncle was thrilled. This was an answer to an impossible prayer. D’s uncle was the voice on the radio and a TWR producer. The uncle discipled the sisters in secret so they could grow in their faith, and when possible they visited in neighbouring countries. It was years before the girls could share their faith safely with their parents. D began volunteering for TWR by monitoring the radio programs and offering feedback on the signal (which could be disrupted without producers knowing), and occasionally sharing the Gospel with other individuals and passing on Bibles to them. As a single young woman, there was not much more she could do, but even this was a very dangerous thing in this country.

A Proposal

In her 20s now, D had grown to become a beautiful young woman. Her parents arranged a marriage for her and D was pleased that she knew the man she was to marry, she had grown up with him (we’ll call the man S), but S was not a Christian (and D’s own faith remained a secret even from her parents). D emailed her uncle. What should she do? To say no to this marriage would be very shameful and disrespectful. D and her uncle decided to pray about it.

Her uncle suggested that D bring S with her to a conference (they were now engaged). Let S hear the Gospel and see if God will change his heart. They did not know what they would do if S refused to listen, but this was their only plan. The chance was taken and S accompanied D to a neighbouring country.

Through the conference, God spoke into S’s heart and the uncle had the privilege of leading him to Christ. Then S confided in the uncle: what would happen when D discovered his new faith? Would she reject him and their marriage? Would her family reject him? S loved D and truly wanted to marry her.

God had answered their prayers in the most wonderful way!

The uncle’s smile at S’s questions nearly gave away the secret, but he waited. That evening, the uncle brought D and S together and told them to share what had happened in their lives. When they discovered they shared a common faith, their excitement could not be contained. There was much joy.

But the time to return home came too quickly and the young couple had to hide away their faith again. Could they keep their great joy a secret?

Ray Alary, President TWR Canada

Ray began serving with TWR Canada in 1985 on the Caribbean island of Bonaire as a diesel mechanic and electrician. Ray is passionate about sharing the Gospel with the world. He lives with his wife, Sandy in London, ON.