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By Darryl Reckman Compassionate Ministries – Sanctuary London

Seven years ago we had a dream of opening a safe space for people to journey together. A place to call 'HOME'. The past few years have felt like we were in maintenance mode, just trying to survive with the few programs we had. The number of people in our community was growing, but our capacity to welcome these new people in fresh new ways was not.

But today is a new day. It was hard to say good-bye to Jeremy, but we are greatly encouraged by the addition of our two new part-time staff Tessa and Breezey. They have been a breathe of fresh air around here, allowing us the space to dream again.

So far, we have mostly just come up with more questions: are our programs accomplishing what we hoped they would? Are programs themselves the best way to achieve our goals? Who benefits most from our community?

How do we decrease the power differentials among us? How do we increase community ownership and participation in everything we do?

Housing for Everyone?
We are very thankful for the two houses we already have. Slowly these places are feeling more and more like home. But we recognize that this type of family style housing is not for everyone. In fact, most of our people may not be ready to jump into this type of situation. For this reason we are learning about other housing possibilities.

We recently heard about an organization called Indwell (, which does incredible work supporting individuals living in affordable apartments. (CLICK HERE for the Christian Life in London feature about Indwell.)

Indwell and Hughson Street Baptist in Hamilton are joining efforts to create 45 units of new affordable housing units as part the construction of a new church facility
Some of their buildings have housing units built above church facilities and we are beginning to wonder if this is something that could fit our community as well 24/7 available community shared space with a kitchen and TV/lounge area for when you just need to not be alone, but everyone has their own private unit for when they just need some quiet. Rooftop community gardens. Pastors and other support staff on site. These are just a few of the ideas we are thinking about.

We know that the dream is huge, and expensive too! But we don't want to allow that to stop us from moving forward in the direction God is leading this community.

Want to learn more about Sanctuary? Please join us for a meal! Sit with our community and take the opportunity to get to know us just a little bit better.
Wednesdays @ 5:30pm, 513 Talbot St.