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By Mike Toth

1 Corinthian 10:13: No temptation has overtaken you but such as is common to man; and God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will provide the way of escape also, so that you will be able to endure it.

The above verse has brought comfort to countless Christians, but we often miss out on the latter part of the verse, stopping short at “more than what you are able.” The fact is that we are often given more than we are able to bear, but the promise is that He will make a way of escape.

On August 1, 2013, Elisa Kilbourne’s life was changed forever. Her only son, Jeremy, was killed in a tragic, and probably preventable, workplace accident. It was a series of errors that cost him his life that day, and several other families were lucky they didn’t suffer tragedy as well. Elisa had raised her son and daughter on her own. She had left church many years before, but she knew something was missing in her life. Her first reconnect with the church was at Jeremy’s funeral where her brother and sister had asked their pastor, Greg Wyton of New Hope church, to say a few words for the young man.

“He didn’t know Jeremy, but Greg’s words were comforting, they brought a peace to me,” says Elisa, “I thought, ‘I’m going to get through this.’ I went to church the very next Sunday and cried the whole time. The service was just for me.”

Elisa soon joined a GriefShare recovery group at the church. GriefShare is a support group for those who have lost love ones, and consists of peer support, videos, and workbooks to help survivors to continue to survive and heal. As can be imagined the process was neither easy nor quick.

One milestone in healing was on the first “Angelversary” of his death. She was on the couch in her home, sobbing deeply and not in a good place. A wave of the Holy Spirit came upon and she heard, “GriefShare book.” She got her workbook and read through it and realized how far she had come despite the intense grief she was currently experiencing.

“I realized then that I didn’t want anyone else going through that dark place. My grief was like a baseball had gone through a window. Though the hole in the window never goes away, the rough shards of the broken glass were being smoothed out.”

Another instance of God’s intervention was when she was dealing with guilt over not having raised her children in the church, and was praying about where Jeremy had gone after death. Her sister in law, who was troubled with an unrelated matter, found a feather that seemed to symbolize God’s promise to her and relieved her distress. Elisa desperately wanted a “feather” from God as well.

“My daughter and I were sitting on a couch in our den together. I was praying, literally begging God for answers. Suddenly I saw the smallest, most delicate feather floating down from the ceiling.”

After she had been involved with GriefShare for a while she was told she should facilitate the program. Although she doesn’t consider herself to be a natural public speaker she does both facilitate a GriefShare group and do public appearances on behalf of the group.

“I am where I am today due to GriefShare, New Hope (church), and God. I rarely miss church as I am surrounded by love and compassion and there is always something there for me. I stay involved with GriefShare because although I can’t make it better I may be able to people into finding God and peace.”

“I believe I will see Jeremy again as God has told me He has him, and I want to finish up well. If it helps one person get past being angry with God it’s worth it.”

“Let God use you....your experiences and your sufferings,  to do his work. You can have a huge impact on others--they are witnessing love and kindness that gives them hope. Do not stress that you must accomplish something monumental or what you perceive to be earth-shattering work, because I suspect God loves to see your obedient service whether it be big or small.”

You can find out more about GriefShare and find a local group at You can learn more about New Hope Community Church and find directions to their Colonel Talbot Road campus at Elisa is very active in the New Hope Isaiah Projects ministry. The following is a wonderful pictorial of the Isaiah Projects - Guatemala December 2017 along with “commentary by Lisa”. Enjoy!

Who’s bright idea was it to try this….Never would I have ever considered it in the past! If this is what I do on the second day of the trip, who knows what kind of mischief is ahead of me!
This is the second run….about 650m across and we are up about a 6300 ft elevation. Across in about 23 seconds. But it is worth this view (above right)!

Just a very few of the locals we were helping this week.

We even helped make tortillas. Imaging cooking on this heat source. Notice the height difference, and the lady from our group is about 3 inches shorter than me!

The family that we were making tortillas with in the previous picture has this view from outside!

Benjamin didn’t like getting his photo taken nor allowing strangers to get close.

His sister was a bit shy too.

We helped dig through hard clay to make Encarnacion’s garden.

Little Ashley. I couldn’t resist!

Jessica (middle) made this Xmas tree from Pine needles, her sister Marie was my bestie by the end of the day. Can’t help but be in tears leaving them each day.

Look at these little cheeks!

Tomas wasn’t having any part of cuddling though.

Who needs a gym when there is a 60ft trench to dig through cement-like earth! Gotta love swinging a pick axe.

Some of the local monkeys! Such cuties.

Banana circle is almost complete. The steep, rugged terrain makes for some serious workouts, however it was worth slugging the banana trees up for planting knowing how this will flourish their food options.

Just finished Tomas’ trench and banana circle. He was so gracious and thankful… but it was us that walked away completely gratified and with hearts full.

This was the kind of terrain we were venturing on throughout the week. Glad my vertigo didn’t kick in!

Finally convince our driver, Jose to stop so that I could get a picture from this lookout point. Ahhh, stunning.

Little Marlayna captured my heart. What a little buttercup. Had many tears as I cuddled and rocked her to sleep.
Our last day in the community, we had a ‘fun day’.

Spirograph’s were a hit, as was face painting, making bead necklaces, painting nails…..

AND…..A good ole fashion Canadian Hockey game broke out... Grateful our friend was able to bring the nets, sticks and jersey’s. The community picked up on the sport real fast.

We left the community with many tears and drove about 3 hours to our ‘vacation’ destination for Saturday and Sunday at Attitlan Lake. We arrived after dark to take the water taxi to the accommodations.

Waking up, we realized we were in a complete oasis. This is what I woke up to...

All I could do was snap pictures constantly. Would really hate waking up to this every day!

Spent a few hours in the hammock rejuvenating and catching a few rays and zzzzz’s.

Shocked to get this one….what do you see in the photo ???

Last morning in paradise! I’ll be back one day.