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By Mark Wollenberg National Director for Church Mobilization IJM Canada

A Day for the Global Church to Unite and End Slavery

I’ve always been excited by opportunities for the church to show a watching, secular culture that we Christians are one unified body. As a pastor in the mid-90’s, I helped organize an event in our city called March for Jesus. This event was an opportunity for over a 150 churches--and more than 10,000 people--to publicly worship Jesus. To everyone watching, it showed that our differences were few when it came to engaging in the important things of our shared faith: justice, mercy, and faithfulness.

On September 23, 2018, the Canadian church has an opportunity to participate in Freedom SundayFreedom Sunday, a global event to unify Christians around ending slavery in our lifetime.

On Freedom Sunday, the global church has an opportunity to come together, seek justice, and declare in one voice that “Slavery needs to end!” Most people are unaware that, at this very moment, there are just over 40 million people around the world trapped in slavery (people living under the violent control of someone else). There are more people in slavery today than the entire population of Canada!

Last year, more than 2700 churches from 17 countries participated in this global, one-day, event to end slavery. This year, I want to invite your church to participate. Visit and watch the video. It will give you sense of the flavour of this global initiative.

I believe that a watching world is waiting for the church today to say that we are unified and have one voice when it comes to important matters like fighting slavery. Fighting to end slavery is a cause that all Christians can agree is important enough to invest in with our prayers and resources.

My invitation to you and to any church in the London area is that on September 23rd, we join in this fight to end slavery as the unified body of Christ. I love what Abey George, IJM Global Director of Church Partnerships, says about the importance of Freedom Sunday and how it unites the global church to see slavery end:

“[Freedom Sunday] really is an opportunity to knit together the fabric of the global body of Christ into a united expression of solidarity with the least among us.”

Visit to register your church to participate.

There are already churches in 39 countries that are participating. Canadian churches can have a substantial impact when we are united and working together to see slavery end in our lifetime.

Believing in One Church, One Fight,