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A presentation of latest Christian books to hit the stores

Servant Sons and Daughters: Serving Father God from a Place of Sonship | Paperback

Author: Anastasya Laverdiere

ISBN-10: 1486614833
ISBN-13: 9781486614837

Publishing Date: November 1, 2017

Availability in London: Creation Bookstore.

Available in: Paperback

Reviews courtesy of: Goodreads



Working for God Is Hard. Trying to Serve Him from A Distance Is Even Harder.

Canadian Christian recording artist, blogger and author Anastasya Laverdiere grew up viewing God as angry, harsh and distant. Today she knows she is justified, forgiven and covered by Christ and has experienced God as good, kind and loving. Anastasya has a deep passion to share her journey with the goal of helping others serve God from this same place. Her debut book, Servant Sons and Daughters is a beautiful journey showcasing how Jesus leads us to know the Father’s heart while communicating the remarkable truth of our adoption as sons and daughters of God.

Servant Sons and Daughters by Anastasya LaverdiereAs a young adult, Anastasya went through a period of emotional and physical breakdown as a result of unhealed past pains and some unhealthy relationships. Severe panic attacks and anxiety made her daily life incredibly challenging and her only relief came while listening to worship music or sermons. This is where Anastasya learned a more intimate connection with God could exist and she began to chase after it.

“During this time in worship, I became more confident in God’s presence,” said Anastasya. “The Lord taught me I’m not just covered and deemed acceptable to come into His presence through Jesus Christ, but I am wanted and welcomed in His presence because He is my Father. I know what He thinks of me and His thoughts of me are good.”


What she learned during this hard season would serve as a catalyst to pursue Him more. Speaking from personal experience, Anastasya conveys the message that the life of service and devotion to God must come from relationship with Him as His child to experience the fullness of what He offers. Servant Sons and Daughters builds a strong biblical basis to receive life-changing revelation of our true identity and inheritance as God’s children.

Not only is the book a foundational resource which builds a biblical understanding of identity as sons and daughters of God and His desire to be a Father, but also woven throughout the book is why identity matters. It is meant to reveal some common symptoms of an unhealthy identity and offers help and healing. Lastly, it paints a picture of what it looks like to serve God from a devoted place of sonship connected to His great love.

"I felt Servant Sons and Daughters was a needed resource after continually discovering that my experience with a lack of healthy identity and knowing God as Father was not isolated. Many Christians experience this lack in their walk,” said Anastasya. “I want everyone to experience the deep peace and joy that a connection with God can bring and feel confident in His presence. Learning that my worth doesn’t ebb and flow according to how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ I was changed everything for me. I want to share that message broadly – but especially with young Christians.”

About Anastasya Laverdiere

Anastasya Laverdiere is a Canadian worship leader, songwriter, recording artist and author whose desire is to know God more deeply and make Him known.

Anastasya enjoys encouraging others from her blog called “In the Garden” which focuses on identity and relationship with God the Father. She hopes that every form of her writings will inspire others to draw closer to the Father to receive revelation of His open arms. She loves to release faith and see passionate and genuine worship ascend to the Lord from hearts enkindled by His love.

Aside from writing and leading worship, Anastasya enjoys sipping green tea, cooking and road trips. She lives with her husband in Eston, Saskatchewan where they work as staff at Eston College.

Reader reviews:

Shantelle Mary Hannu wrote the following about Servant Sons and Daughters What a simply wonderful book! I feel like Servant Sons and Daughters: Serving Father God from a Place of Sonship by Anastasya Laverdiere is a book that the Christian community can truly benefit from. It speaks some essential truths about our identity as Christians and taking hold of all that God offers us when we become part of His family by Jesus’ blood – abundant life!

Without security in our position with God, we cannot fully live out our callings to their potential. It is a debilitating thing to try living without an inner sense of being loved and accepted, and no less debilitating to try to serve a Holy God from a distance. (Servant Sons & Daughters by Anastasya Laverdiere)

This book drew me in right away, touching my heart deeply. I love how the author meshes the ideas of being God’s beloved child with serving Him & walking in righteousness. So beautiful. Servant Sons & Daughters was a comfort and inspiration, and I kept thinking of people I wanted to buy it for! I also shared snippets of it with my young adult Bible study group, as we are talking about God’s love and our identity.

Anastasya Laverdiere has a lovely voice in writing. And depth and wisdom to share! I found lots of beautiful and meaningful content and did lots of highlighting!

But we must receive it because of the love and graciousness of the Father. We must take Him at His word and arm ourselves against the lies of the enemy and even our own flesh that would seek to enslave us to shame and guilt. (Servant Sons & Daughters by Anastasya Laverdiere)

Servant Sons & Daughters talks about embracing our identity as children of God. Understanding what that means for us (example: we have the power of the Holy Spirit living in us). And yes … serving Him with joy from a secure position of cherished daughter. We journey through stories about Joshua from the Old Testament, and the prodigal son from one of Jesus’ parables. It was really neat how Anastasya dissected the story of the prodigal son and used it to bring this book and its points to light.

I also appreciated the knowledge and research put into this. Definitions of words are expounded upon, stories unpacked, Greek words in Bible passages talked about, etc. I really like that.

This word “Abba” carries the instruction to seek out an “affectionate, dependent relationship” with our Father in which we recognize His power and majesty but also His desire to come close. (Servant Sons & Daughters by Anastasya Laverdiere)

If we do not recognize what Christ has won for us, we will stay beneath the stuff we are actually “seated above”. (Servant Sons & Daughters by Anastasya Laverdiere)

I very much enjoyed this Christian Living book. It was spectacular. I was blessed. It had me searching the Scripture and understanding anew His Truth. It had me increasingly joyful and thankful, thinking about the glorious fact that He wants me. I’m His daughter. I think Anastasya Laverdiere did a wonderful job and I believe God can use it in powerful ways! Such a needed message!

This was always His plan, to be your Father and to have you as His child. His church is a family in which you belong! Let your heart exclaim truly, “I was always wanted. Now I am His and He is mine … forever! (Servant Sons & Daughters by Anastasya Laverdiere)

Wear His love with confidence. (Servant Sons & Daughters by Anastasya Laverdiere)

I will definitely read more by this author if she comes out with other books!

Phyllis Helton has this to say about Servant Sons and Daughters

If you are a Christian and desire a relationship with God that goes beyond the surface, you should read Servant Sons and Daughters. If you are not a Christian and are even remotely curious about what being a Christian is about, you should read this book.

Author Anastasya Laverdiere, who is a Canadian worship leader, has poured her heart into this book, sharing truths from the Bible that we need to know and remember. Her writing style is very warm and interesting. She has insights into familiar Scriptures that add depth and enrich the reading of them.

I really appreciate the skill with which the author applied the Word of God, showing a great love and respect for it, rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15). She used very clear explanations of the Scriptures and included questions for reflection that are meaningful and insightful.

With beautiful and compelling word pictures presented of the relationship we now have with God the Father through the sacrifice of Jesus, she shows us how forgiveness and acceptance allow us to live as sons – not slaves. We are worthy because God has made us so. If we have been cleansed, then shame has no part in our lives. This was such a wonderful reminder for me because my heart likes to condemn me, even for things that I did decades ago.

I have never heard any of her music before now, but am so excited to have found out about her. After listening to her song, I called my husband in to hear it as well and he commented how it is exactly what we love to listen to!