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It is very gratifying to receive encouragement from the readers of Christian Life in London. We very much appreciate the calls and emails, and even more so when the caller has suggestions for articles, interviews and stories relating to ministries and churches.

Each month we endeavour to profile a ministry and or church that you may not be familiar with. As London is blessed to be home to over 260 servant ministries, Christian Life in London has much work to do to tell of all of His work that is ongoing.

79.5% of the subscribers of Christian Life in London are Londoners, 9.5% are in Canada but outside of London. The remaining 11% are spread out world-wide in 51 countries. In July, we received an email of encouragement and this one was especially delightful as it came from one of our subscribers abroad.

Dear Brother in JESUS.

Greetings to you, Thank you so much for your Spiritfilled Teachings and encouragement every time and it is a blessing and strengthening me and I am sharing with our Congregations and Gospel Teams.

Please pray for me and my family and the Evangelism we do in these interior regions of India, we have much idolatry here and people do not know JESUS.

Please share more messages.

Your Brother Evangelist Babu and Teams

Upon receipt of this email, we wanted to learn more about Pastor Babu and the ministry he is dedicated to.

Suvartha Vani is a ministry based in the East Godavari District in the State of Andhra Pradesh of South East India. Andhra Pradesh State, in land mass, would be dwarfed by Ontario as our province is 7 times the size of Andhra Pradesh. When it comes to population however, the state has just over 50 million inhabitants.

The major religious groups in the state are Hindus making up 90.9% of the population followed by Muslims at 7.3% and Christians making up just 1.4% of the area’s population.

The Suvartha Vani Ministry is doing His work within many of the more than 1200 rural villages in State of Andhra Pradesh. Their mission is to reach the villagers with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to provide care through Christian social work programs. Around 85% of people in India live in these small isolated villages, the majority of whom are unaware of the joy of the Gospel. Too many of these same villagers are living well below the poverty line, existing without proper food, clothing and housing and do not have access to education and medical facilities.

This history of Suvartha Vani.
Sister Lilly Pushpa has had the passion and vision since childhood for doing His work by reaching out and preaching to the many in these regions of South East India. In addition, she strengthened teams of outreach ministry workers to expand her vision and her mission.

Her son, Pastor and Evangelist Sharat Babu shares the same vision and love for the Lords Great Commission. He, along with his wife Sara, has been carrying this great Vision, “planting the Gospel Seeds “in the previously unreached villages in the region.

Suvartha Vani has been and continues to be committed and dedicated for Christian Evangelism and actively provides the people of the region with much needed spiritual, physical and social assistance in light of the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior.

The Suvartha Vani Ministry includes:
  • Church Ministries.
  • Outreach Ministry.
  • Children Ministry.
  • Youth Ministry.
  • Tract Ministry.
  • Free Bibles for Needy.
  • Songs and Music Ministry.

We, at Christian Life in London, have much to learn about Pastor Babu and the work of the Suvartha Vani Ministry. We hope to connect with Pastor Babu so that we can bring you stories of the challenges and successes of bringing the Good News to those far reaches of South East India.

To learn more about Suvartha Vani Ministry, click HERE to visit their website.