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Church partners now care for two million children registered in Compassion's child development program

Compassion International reached a major milestone in its 66-year history over the Christmas season, announcing two million children are now registered in its programs worldwide. These two million children are being loved, protected and cared for primarily through the work of church partners on the ground and supporters—89,000 of which are Canadian sponsors.

Celebrating Two Million Compassion Children Compassion partners with more than 7,000 local churches in 25 countries around the world to reach children living in extreme poverty. The ministry employs a holistic approach to their child development program, ranging from prenatal care for soon-to-be mothers of children in the program, all the way through to vocational development opportunities for young adults. All of their programs are church-based and implemented by local Christian staff and volunteers. It’s these people—along with the generous supporters that fuel the work—who are the focus of Compassion’s celebrations.

“As we celebrate all that God has done, we never take for granted the fact that each child is known, loved and protected by the committed staff and volunteers of our local church partners around the world—and it’s our generous supporters who enable them to do so,” says Barry Slauenwhite, President and CEO of Compassion Canada. “There’s an African proverb that says it takes a village to raise a child. At Compassion, we are very aware that we could not care for two million children without our church partners and supporters across Canada and around the world.”

Compassion International’s President and CEO, Santiago Mellado agrees. “This is really a celebration of our supporters and the work our church partners are doing,” he says. “This is a celebration of their commitment.”

Children registered in Compassion’s programs receive many critical benefits. These benefits may include food, educational assistance (such as fees, tutors, school uniforms, textbooks and supplies), medical checkups, health and hygiene education, social skill development, spiritual development, contextualized youth development and higher education opportunities, all depending on their individual needs. Each child is also linked to a caring sponsor, starting a one-to-one relationship that includes financial support, prayer, letters and in some cases, the sponsor travelling to visit the child.

In the midst of celebration, the ministry continues to look ahead, recognizing the significant need that still exists. The World Bank states that there are over 385 million children living in extreme poverty and of the two million registered children, 160,000 are still waiting to be paired with a sponsor. While the need may seem overwhelming, Compassion looks to the future with optimism.

"It took 56 years for Compassion to reach one million children, back in February 2008. Today, we are humbled to be serving the second million children. What this illustrates to me is that this movement of compassion for children in poverty is only just gaining momentum,” Slauenwhite says. “As I look to the future, I am even more inspired and expectant to see how God will continue to move and work in His Church to reach even more children."

To learn more about the celebration, click HERE.