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We at Christian Life in London first spoke with Chantelle McGuffin last November and we felt that she had a very interesting story to tell; about her business, herself and her faith.

Introducing Chantelle McGuffin: Today, I enjoy the most amazing and rewarding career! I specialize in helping Women come home to their lives and families full-time! I run a business team called “Boss Chics Inc.” I started out, however, as a primary teacher. Let me share a little bit with you as to why this changed for me.

While growing up, I remember being woken up at 5:30 a.m in the morning and taken to my babysitter. My mom was a nurse and worked various shifts. I was either waving good-bye to her at 6 a.m. in the morning, or if she worked the afternoon shift she would not return from work until after I was in bed, so I would not even see her until the morning of the following day. As a child I still vividly remember the feeling of always missing my Mom. I mean, we shared our lives together yet I saw her very little.

Fast forward a little bit, I married my first love at an early age, 19 years old. We focused on our education and we both graduated with our Bachelor of Education and began our teaching careers. About 2 years into our career I became pregnant with our first child. The reality of balancing our full-time teaching careers with raising a child was that our little one was with the babysitter from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. The more I dropped my son off each morning, the more I began to remember my childhood. I did not want my son to feel how I had felt as a child. My priorities were shifting.

My priorities completely shifted when my husband passed away from a tragic vehicle accident. I was 29 years old. My Dad had already passed away from a heart attack when I was 17, and then my Mom passed away from cancer when I was 30. With each loss my appreciation for family deepened. I learned to cherish time spent together and the monumental importance of making memories. I understood how fleeting moments can be.

No longer did I desire to chase the dream of working outside the home as a teacher. I now wanted to be the one who takes my kids to school and picks them up everyday. I did not want them raised by aftercare programs or other people. I desperately wanted a career that would allow me to become a present and available parent.

As a single parent, without my parents to support or help me, I was looking for a career that would allow me time flexibility. While I had truly enjoyed my successful teaching career, I now needed a way to put “first things first.” Since working with our team of incredible women I have been able to do just that! I have been able to put my children first, find professional and intellectual satisfaction for myself, as well as creating a solid future for us financially as well as in other ways.

In 2019 our life will move forward once more as I marry an amazing man and his two daughters. With my three children and I, we will become a family of 7!!

My new passion every day is to be able to partner up with and help as many women as I can to be able to establish the same amazing lifestyle my family and I have been able to enjoy! A career where there is no selling anything, no “carrying inventories,” no trade shows, or being a “distributor” of any sort. Where we get to schedule our work around our families, rather than our families around our work.

To help other families in this way has been an incredibly fulfilling blessing and joy for me! I am always excited to see who I can help next!

You can read more of my story, as well as the stories of the other incredible women on the team at

And we asked Chantelle about her faith Yes, I am a spiritual person. My spirituality is actually quite a journey as well. I was baptized a Latter-day Saint (Mormon) as a teenager, and was ex-communicated from the same Mormon faith in 2015. I began dating the amazing man I am now engaged to, who is not a member of that faith, and they felt that I was no longer appropriately representing the faith. Now I go places and see people, long time friends from within that faith and I am no longer "recognized" by them. So I am currently seeking a new Christian faith. I seek a faith community, and friend base, that is authentic and kind.

So yes, I am and always have been Christian.