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Proclaiming God’s Good News of forgiveness, hope, and second chances

For nearly 40 years, New Life Prison Ministries (NLPM) has faithfully journeyed alongside incarcerated men and women, proclaiming God’s Good News of forgiveness, hope, and second chances.

The primary focus of New Life’s ministry is to provide Bible study correspondence courses free-of-charge to inmates and chaplains at correctional institutions all across Canada. In 2018, over 15,600 studies were completed and returned, and more than 1,000 students were enrolled in NLPM’s curriculum. This curriculum begins with a five-part introduction to the Bible entitled, The Everlasting Story, and then proceeds with studies covering a wide range of topics such as: anger, guilt and shame, addiction, abuse, loneliness, trust, and many more.

The effectiveness of NLPM’s courses is reflected in the following testimony from one of our enrolled students: “These courses are truly important to me because they help me spiritually, mentally and physically to improve and gain knowledge, wisdom, and greater understanding of God’s will for me. [They] have given me great strength in dark times these past nine months… correcting me today to have a better tomorrow!”

The most recent curriculum addition is a study on breaking free from pornography addiction – an ambitious project that reflects New Life’s commitment to tackle the difficult subjects and provide inmates with relevant resources. A student who recently completed the course shared the following comment. “Blessings to NLPM for coming out with an important resource for biblically addressing the issue that marks my crime and conditional release process… I appreciate the biblical support and process.”

New Life focuses on developing an interactive relationship with the inmate by assigning a volunteer instructor to walk them through the curriculum courses. These volunteers are committed to read every letter, respond with personal and caring guidance and assist with resources where able.

Executive Director, Rosemary Redshaw, pictured here with Kesavan, whose life has been changed by God through NLPM's ministry.
Under the leadership of Executive Director, Rosemary Redshaw, the ministry of NLPM has experienced significant growth and sought to be more innovative in its approach to reach inmates in relevant ways. One of these new initiatives is the ARC (Audio Recording for Christ).

Introduced in 2016, the ARC is a solar-powered audio device pre-loaded with 180 hours of audio sermons, devotionals, worship songs, and a number of New Life’s curriculum courses. Aimed at attracting a new and younger audience throughout the prison system, the device has been approved by Correctional Services Canada for use in all federal prison institutions, and is gradually receiving approval for use at many Provincial institutions as well.

NLPM's goal is to place 10,000 ARC devices in the hands of inmates at institutions all across Canada. To date, nearly 2,500 devices have already been sent out to chaplains for distribution. The cost of placing an ARC in an inmate’s hand is $25 – including purchase of the device, ear buds, loading content, chargers for each institution, mailing, and follow up and data collection. Inmates are free to keep the devices upon release if they wish to do so.

Another pilot program New Life recently launched is “The Next Step Project” – an aftercare support initiative intended to help ex-offenders re-integrate after release from prison. Inmates are met on site upon release day and supplied with: a care bag including clothing and personal hygiene items, a list of good quality community resources, and a new toll free number for ongoing support.

NLPM genuinely believes every inmate deserves a second chance at a new start in life after serving his/her time. “Next Step” offers the hope of that opportunity by supplying ex-offenders with the resources they need to get back on their feet and reduce the likelihood of re-offending.

As a non-profit organization, NLPM is 100% funded by donations and fundraising efforts. In November, a used clothing sale was hosted by a local church in Cambridge after New Life received a large supply of high-quality brand name clothing items from a second hand store in London. More of these sales are expected in the future.

At present, New Life is preparing to host a fundraising concert featuring the Tennessee-based group, ‘Legacy Five,’ with special guests, ‘The Chapelaires.’ This concert will be held at London Gospel Temple on Saturday, April 27th @ 6pm. Tickets for this event are $28 and can be purchased online at:

Find out more about NLPM by visiting their website:

Follow NLPM on Facebook: