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This month, new copies of The Greater London Shepherd's Guide will be delivered to hundreds of locations in and around the London area. Surprisingly, the demand for the printed directory remains strong requiring 15,000 copies to fulfill the requests. We are very aware that many Christians still like paper and ink. Alternatively, to meet the growing demand of online customers, the newly launched website, provides access to Christian businesses across Canada.


Husband and wife team, Dean & Shelley Alexander have been publishers with The Shepherd's Guide for over 23 years. They publish the Golden Triangle (Kitchener-Waterloo) Directory, the Niagara Directory, The Greater Hamilton Directory and for the past six years have been working with the Greater London Shepherd's Guide.

"We consider it a privilege to connect with local ministries and businesses. It is fantastic to work with believers every day. Week in and week out, as publishers of The Shepherd's Guide, we meet the finest men and women of faith who are making a difference in the marketplace and in their communities. We feel strongly that the Christian community is strengthened through everyday contact Christian to Christian. The Shepherd's Guide is a great source to do this!"

If you sat down for coffee with Dean and Shelley you would soon find out that Dean is a lover of all things automotive and electronic and Shelley's favourite things include a scenic hike or vacuuming a dusty room. They have four great adult kids and enter empty nesting with mixed feelings. They enjoy many simple things in life like an evening with family, a hot cup of tea and a sunny day.

Purpose and core beliefs

The Shepherd’s Guide strives to strengthen, edify and unite the Body of Christ through the marketplace. The directory provides a vehicle by which consumers can find Christian professionals in every area of business and ministry. The Shepherd’s Guide is also a means by which Christian business people can connect with each other to establish alliances for mutual encouragement and synergy. We desire to break down the walls of division and build a community among Christians so that Jesus’ prayer would become a reality, “May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me.” (John 17:23 NIV)


The Shepherd’s Guide was founded in 1979 and the first print directory came out in Baltimore, Maryland in 1980. It was introduced to Canada in 1988 where, to this day, local publishers independently own and operate the directories for their designated area. The Shepherd’s Guide has grown to serve seventeen areas across five provinces in Canada. Each in Canada, over 260,000 copies of The Shepherd’s Guide are printed and distributed to believers in their local communities in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

Statement of Faith

The Shepherd’s Guide is unique in that we are not just another directory. Our Christian business directory emphasizes trust and integrity as the central ethical theme of our directories. To ensure this high standard is conveyed, all advertisers in The Shepherd’s Guide are given the opportunity to sign the following Statement of Faith:

I have received Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour and my desire is to live my life for His Glory. I have been born again according to John 3:3 which states, “…except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God.” I pledge to hold the highest Biblical Code of Ethics in my transactions. It is my ambition to treat my clients with the utmost respect and integrity.

Check us out on or call us at 1-800-820-9420.