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Celebrating the One Millionth Alpha Guest in Canada,

In 2018 more than 2,200 churches ran over 5,400 Alphas, reaching 120,000+ guests with the Good News of Jesus. The impact goes beyond numbers. The 2018 Annual Report shares a glimpse of how God has been changing lives to impact more people and church communities across Canada. It’s very exciting to see God move in our nation.

Annual Report – A message from Shaila Visser, National Director, Alpha Canada

Looking back on 2018, we thank God and celebrate all He is doing through the church in Canada. We count it an incredible privilege to support and inspire the Canadian church to share the Gospel and we recognize that it is your partnership that makes it possible.

On behalf of the Alpha Canada Board and staff thank you for your faithful partnership in making Jesus known.

At the end of 2018, we were able to celebrate the one millionth Alpha guest in Canada, and the church set historic highs in all major areas: the number of guests, courses and volunteers.

Culture of Evangelism

Last year we continued to press into quality Alphas, focusing on supporting the culture of evangelism in the church. This is a work that starts at the roots and builds a strong foundation that will deliver long-term impact. We specifically looked at ways to model the Alpha Weekend and build awareness of the transformational impact of prayer ministry and time away. These elements are crucial to the quality of the Alpha experience and will be a continued area of focus for us.

Youth & Student-Led

We are so grateful for the one million people who have taken Alpha, but we are even more excited about the 466 student-led Alphas that ran last year. This represents a cultural shift in the next generation that desires to make a difference in their friends’ lives and help them understand the person of Jesus. This has been and will continue to be an area of opportunity as we work to help empower and equip students across the country.

Catholic Context & Prisons

In 2018, there were leadership changes in both of these ministry areas, and we are anticipating an increase in impact in 2019 and even more so in 2020.


Last year, we prioritized increasing our funding to optimize our service opportunities to the church in Canada. God opened the hearts of new and faithful partners, and we’ve been amazed at the generosity of Alpha volunteers who were excited for the opportunity to give to Alpha through our Easter and Christmas campaigns.

Global Work

Our team continues to contribute to Alpha globally through our youth, digital and training work based in New Westminster, BC. In addition, I have personally taken on a global role as Senior Vice President responsible for training and leadership development. This also brings complexity which our leadership team continues to monitor and adapt to.

Looking Ahead

As we have continued to explore how we can better serve the church, we seized a moment of need as identified by many of the senior church leaders across our country; the epidemic of social isolation and loneliness and encouraging congregations to share their faith and invite. In response to this, we began to dream and imagine what it would look like if every Christian in every church running Alpha invited one person they share life with to discover a relationship with Jesus.

In this report, you will be able to read more about this initiative as well as a number of highlights from 2018, each reminding me of God’s goodness at work in our country.

We are grateful to the leaders who allow us to serve them, for the enthusiastic volunteers and for the faithful partners like you who make this all possible.

Moving forward – life-shared initiative

A church-inspired initiative to mobilize Christians in Canada to share life, faith and Jesus.

In conversations with church leaders, the Alpha team identified the primary issue that arises is the need for evangelism and how to be effective, particularly among the 30 and under age group. The challenge is that most Christians don’t feel equipped or inclined to share the Gospel.

A recent Angus Reid study showed that only 29% of religiously-committed people in Canada view evangelism positively. Evangelism is often seen as uncomfortable, unnatural or for a select few experts.

Share life, share faith, share Jesus.

In response, Alpha Canada has started to pray and dream along with the church to imagine what it would look like if every Christian, in every church running Alpha, invited one person they share life with to explore the Christian faith on Alpha.

They want to focus on the simplicity of inviting one person to Alpha because knowing that 80% of guests come because they were personally invited.

As part of the Life.

Shared Initiative, Alpha will be supporting churches with new resources to encourage and equip the whole church body in experiencing the joy of sharing Jesus and seeing friends’ lives transformed.

This will be an ongoing engagement strategy as Alpha advances the mission to inspire and serve the church across Canada in its mission to help people discover a relationship with Jesus.

80% of guests come to Alpha because they are invited by a Christian they are in relationship with already.

In 2019, Alpha Canada has a continued focus on these key areas:

Empowering students

Alpha Canada will continue to come alongside youth leaders and youth ministries to empower the next generation with specific resources and support and to encourage students in their church community to host Alpha for their friends. It has proven to be a transformative experience for students to facilitate conversations and create a welcoming space for their peers to come and discover the Good News of Jesus for themselves.


Prayer is foundational in everything we do. Nicky Gumbel recently led a prayer initiative at HTB where each person prayed for and invited three people to Alpha. It resulted in a 40% increase in the number of guests. The sense is that thousands across Canada desire to share Jesus in the same way, so Alpha Canada is mobilizing prayer within their staff and prayer network as well as partnering with other ministries in different prayer strategies this year.

Digital Engagement

Alpha Canada is continually working on serving leaders and teams the best way they can with regular digital platform improvements, up-to-date Alpha product, and email and live chat support. Through ongoing feedback and communication with leaders running Alpha in Canada and around the world, they will be launching the new Alpha digital platform in 2019 to ensure that Alpha teams are equipped with new training resources and can connect with Alpha Canada to receive additional support as they run Alpha in their church community. To find and Alpha program near you or to run your own Alpha program click HERE for all of the details.

To download the 2018 Annual Report, click HERE.