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BookMark - Defying Jihad: The Dramatic True Story of a Woman Who Volunteered to Kill Infidels-and Then Faced Death for Becoming One
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A presentation of latest Christian books to hit the stores

Defying Jihad: The Dramatic True Story of a Woman Who Volunteered to Kill Infidels-and Then Faced Death for Becoming One

Author: Esther Ahmad, Craig Borlase

ISBN-10: 1496425898
ISBN-13: 9781496425898

Publishing Date: June 4, 2019

Availability in London: Creation Bookstore.

Available in: Paperback, Kindle Edition, Audiobook

Reviews courtesy of: Goodreads


If you truly love Allah, you will die for him. Your death will mean much reward for you and your family in heaven. Only death will prove your love.

It was the final test. A chance to win not only the love of Allah, but the love of her father—something she had never been able to earn. Esther took a deep breath and raised her hand in the air. At the age of eighteen, she had just volunteered to become a suicide bomber.

Defying Jihad is the true story of a girl growing up under radical Islamic rule, trained to believe her ultimate purpose was to serve Allah by dying as a jihadist. But two nights before she was to leave forever, she had a dream . . . one that would change the course of her destiny.

Against all odds, Esther became a follower of Jesus—even though leaving Islam meant her death sentence. But rather than kill her immediately, Esther’s furious father challenged her to a series of public debates with Muslim scholars: the Bible versus the Quran. If Esther won, she might yet survive. But if the Muslim clerics won, Esther must renounce her Christian faith. For an entire month—if she lived that long—Esther would be brought before the mob daily to defend her newfound faith. Would God give her the words to argue against Muslim leaders, former friends, and even her own family?

Defying Jihad is an amazing story of a woman prepared to surrender all for Jesus—and whose life transformed from terror to overwhelming love.

Esther Filbrun rated “Defying Jihad” a 5 out of 5 stars.

There are so many things I could say about Defying Jihad. I finished it just yesterday, and I’m still pondering over so much of it. This book has challenged me deeply, and also encouraged me. Esther’s story is one of intense sorrow, but also one of extreme hope. She knows the One she speaks of in a deep way, and her heart for encouraging others with her story shines from the pages.

Growing up in a Muslim home, Esther always had a heart for doing the right thing and getting recognition for it. Since her father rejected her at birth for being a girl, she always felt like she had to work extra hard to gain his approval. She also needed to gain Allah’s approval—and perhaps help to protect her own family somehow. She was a sincere girl, and when something came to shake her world, she didn’t know where to turn.

One of my most favorite things about this book is the fact that Esther is giving a voice to many of her fellow Pakistani believers, the ones that could never speak up because they would be in danger. Perhaps she, too, is in danger because of her story as well; I don’t know. However the case stands, she is sharing a story that I haven’t heard often, but one that I know is becoming more and more common in the world today: The one of turning from a life of darkness in Islam to the light of Christ. Seeing that journey is precious.

And, of course, my second favorite thing about this book is just how the Lord worked in her life to bring her to be His child. She was in such a dark, dark place and He reached down to help her in a special way. The journey after that, of course, has not been easy as she had to live the life of a secret believer and eventually flee because she would have been killed otherwise. But God was faithful, and helped her and her husband with each need.

In all, this was a great book. Highly recommended if you are interested in hearing a little about what God is doing in the Muslim world, want encouragement in your own faith, or want to live for the Lord even more.

(There are a few scenes that younger people shouldn’t read—she is threatened with death at different places, beaten others, and several people are mentioned as dying different ways. It’s still pretty clean, but with the subject matter, some of this is inevitable. I appreciated the way it was all handled.)

Anita Yoder rated “Defying Jihad” a 2 out of 5 stars.

Beautiful story. I gave 2 stars because the writing style is very simplistic and almost trite. Still, the story about evangelizing in a closed country and the cost of following Jesus is one that the complacent, entitled Western church needs to hear.

Nancy Larimer rated “Defying Jihad” a 5 out of 5 stars.

"Defying Jihad" is written by Esther Ahmad. It is a nonfiction Christian very inspiring and traumatic story. Esther was raised in a very devout Muslim family. Her father was disappointed when she was born because she was not a boy. He never really valued her. The family had Muslim meetings in their house for many years. They followed all the Muslim practices each and every day. She was raised to believe the highest value was given to those who killed Christians for Allah. She lived in Pakistan which is a very strong Muslim country. She planned on leaving and training to be a jihadist and kill Christians. A few days before she was supposed to leave she had a dream with Jesus face to face confronting her. After various events she became a Christian. When her Dad realized she had become a Christian he forced her to be questioned by Muslim scholars for a whole month.

Normally if a Muslim becomes a Christian they are killed and put in display in front of many people when they are killed. His Father told her if she did not win the debate she would die. If she lost the debates she would be killed. She was able to stand up to the Muslim scholars and win the debates! When the debates were held many people showed up to witness them. They were very dramatic and powerful. It is impressive that Esther was able to win every debate considering she was a new Christian and had not had a Bible for very long. After she won the debates her Father was angry and wanted her to marry a Muslim and not continue being a Christian. What will become of Esther with all these Muslim people wanting to have her killed?

Will she continue to keep her Christian faith? This book was very eye opening to me about the intense persecution in the world for Christians and for those that have become Christians after previously being Muslim! I became aware of the many freedoms We have to practice our religion in America. This book was an incredible read and so amazing! I hope the book is very successful and addresses the very real risks for Muslims that have become Christian.

Truc Mai rated “Defying Jihad” a 3 out of 5 stars.

An inspirational life-changing story of a young Muslim born girl who had found her faith in Jesus Christ.

I don't believe in the power of prayers thought, especially when she with her scientific background claimed that God had cured her mother's disease or her brother's infected leg, but I have to admit she was brave and courageous fought her way for what she believed. It let me be aware that still there are horrible things happening around the world due to other beliefs.

The most interesting part of the book may be the public debates of the Bible versus the Quran. Honestly, I have doubt about its legitimacy

Charles Marshall rated “Defying Jihad” a 5 out of 5 stars.

A Must Read for any Christian desiring to relate to other cultures

This story will answer many questions about life in distant lands. It will enlarge your vision of the character of. the true GOD.

Aletha Pagett rated “Defying Jihad” a 5 out of 5 stars.

This book is humbling.
This book inspires repentance.
This book is humbling.
This book is joyous.
This book is humbling.
This book is heartbreaking and heartmending.
This book makes one hunger to know Jesus more intimately and serve him more fully.

Michelle G Virnelson rated “Defying Jihad” a 5 out of 5 stars.

I could not put this book down. It made me question how much I love Jesus. Her love for Jesus, as well as other Christians in Palestine, is inspiring.

Blake Western rated “Defying Jihad” a 5 out of 5 stars.

This book is as exciting as any novel you will ever read. It is full of drama. After you get into the book, it is difficult to put the book down.