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Pray for Education

In this edition of Christian Life in London, we are providing a “Prayer For Education” along with invitation for all to pray for all of those involved in education in Ontario as they returned to the classrooms for the 2019 – 2020 school year.

However, as we were completing this edition of Christian Life in London to send to you, we were not sure if there would be classes due to the contract talks between Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and the province. If no agreement was reached, this could have closed the doors to the schools while the two sides sought to reach an agreement. Thankfully, an agreement was reached at the 11th hour and the schools were “open for business” on Monday October 7th.

Here is a Prayer for Education, courtesy of CCNL.

Father, we thank you for the parents, teachers, professionals, politicians, volunteers and the leaders that make up our education systems. May Your will be accomplished so that children and youth in London may learn knowledge, wisdom, diligence, and discretion.

Lord, we pray for these things and more...

  • For elementary and secondary school age children in London as school begins once again. Please guard their hearts and minds, as they return to classrooms, start a new school year, or enter schooling for the first time– big moments in young lives. Each child, each teen, each young adult, precious creation of yours. Routines and habits are being established social relationships are being formed. Challenges and opportunities are being encountered.

  • For students to have open minds to learn. We pray for their safety and well-being physically, emotionally, and spiritually– as they in engage with new ideas and new people. May they gain courage to express themselves confidently and compassionately and learn to engage well with others in playgrounds and in classrooms.

  • For parents in the critical role they play in shaping young minds. May they themselves be strengthened, encouraged, and have peace in their homes and families. We pray that parents and teachers will have God-given insights about how to work together with gentleness and respect.

  • For post-secondary education students– specifically for Western and Fanshawe– for the thousands of students who return to our community annually. Many are away from home, developing growing independence, and exploration of many new ideas. May we be welcoming to them as faith communities and find ways to connect and act as caring neighbors. May they discover who you God created them to be and seek your wisdom. Protect them from deception, depression and discouragement, especially when times of stress, deadlines and hard decisions occur. May the many campus ministries grow and thrive.

  • For our new Thames Valley District School Board Education Director, Mark Fisher as well as the various trustees.

  • For our London District Catholic School Board Executive Director, Linda Staudt, and the various trustees.

  • For both our provincial Minister of Education of Ontario, the Honourable Stephen Lecce, and the Honourable. Ross Romano, the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities. Decisions made at these governmental levels profoundly influence our children, our families, and our future culture.

  • For all those leaders in our private schools, faith-based schools, or serve on school councils– each one plays an important part in the education in the direction of education in their respective neighborhoods and spheres.

  • For the continued freedom to exercise our religious convictions and practices and for the ability, graciousness, courage, willingness, integrity and deep wisdom to speak into the educational settings around us in the name of Jesus.