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How long does the average window installation take? First Impressions windows go in faster than you'd think! A one or two window replacement job will normally take less than half of a day. A full house of replacement windows will rarely exceed 2 days from removal to finish.

During removal & re-installation, how long will my house be open to the elements? It's an open and shut case! Every installation job is planned with minimum "open" time, to assure that your belongings are safe and protected. In many cases the replacement is positioned immediately after removal of the old window.

How can I plan for saving money on my home renovations? Energy Ratings & Rebates Replacement windows & doors can dramatically improve the energy efficiency of your home. Check the Provincial and Federal Websites for the latest information regarding rebates and tax incentives available for qualified home renovations.

Order More & Save More When you get your estimate, you'll notice that you save more money when you order more windows. That's because the sales consultation, administration and even some of the installation charges are the same for a 2 window job, as they are for a full house of replacements. We have to charge for these one time services, but if you add another window or two to the order, these one time charges don't increase, and we're able to pass the savings on to you. Likewise; if you're already having windows replaced; it may be a good time to consider a new entry door, or shutters to improve the look and value of your home.

Will I have to remove my existing draperies and window coverings before my new windows are installed? Yes, please remove window coverings and the hardware before the installation crew arrives. It is also advisable to remove any wall hangings, furniture and decorative accents near the work area to avoid accidental breakage.

Generally speaking, we don't install during heavy precipitation, high wind conditions or in Temperatures below -5 Celsius. We feel that these conditions can adversely affect the quality of our installation.