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One of the biggest mistakes made by homeowners is looking at cost over quality. To find a good contractor first look at the experience of the contractor. How many years have they been in business? Also with that I have seen better contractors with less experience then those that have been around or years. A new contractor made be up on the building codes more then an experience contractor who may be stuck in his ways of doing things. Who knows how to reference the work and will do the job according to the newest and latest techniques.

A Contractor will be reflected in the subcontractors that he uses. Are the subs licensed and qualified to do the job that needs to get done. Does he use friends because they are friends or because they are qualified? A good subcontractor wither it is a plumber, electrician, roof, flooring or a cement guy will always make the contractor proud of the over all project.

Options... Did the contractor give the customer options on how a job should be carried out and the material used? Good contractors will realize that the project is very important to the customer and help them make the proper decision.

Punctuality and availability: This is crucial for me. As a customer, I look for subs and other suppliers etc. that are available when I need them and will show up on time and not be late for appointments. One of the ways that I see contractors lose business is not returning calls or answering emails in a reasonable time. This can be very annoying for the customer. For myself it shows unprofessionalism and I will usually move on to the next business.

Organized: A good contractor will be great at organizing and coordinating the job from beginning to end.

To avoid cost over runs and time delays.... think ahead. Most customers and contractors will look and the best time and cost outcome for a job and sell themselves on that idea. The fact is in the real world time delays cost overruns can and do happen. Think of things that can go wrong and prepare for them. Such as: Older homes...all kinds of craziness can be hidden behind those walls that you want removed. Any thing from asbestos to knob and tube wiring. Also remember ordering times for products. Sometimes that special fixture you want for your home is not located in the store, the warehouse, supplier or even then country for that fact. Shipping takes time. Always be reasonable with your expectations and be sure to bring that up with your contractor.

One of the easiest ways to "freshen" any place up is a coat of paint. Also look at your home as if it was the first time you have ever seen it and take an honest assessment. Sometimes living in a home for a period of time will cause us to be blind to the little things that can be easily fixed little or no cost but some leaning detergent, elbow grease and storage bins. Tidy up, change some drapes or curtains and there you go.

Spring and summer for exteriors renos is the best time of year and fall and winter is the best for interior renos.

Pardy Contracting has been in business for over ten years now and I myself have over 19 years experience in the construction field.

One thing people should know about renovations.......TV is not the real world...... A lot of these DIY shows give the impression that all construction on a home is easy and quick. Don’t be fooled. A lot of these shows have big crews and big budgets to make the job go faster. Also some of the products being used are selected because of the sponsors involved. Be realistic. Renovations cost money and takes time to be done right.

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