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ALL STEEL ROOFING SYSTEMS is built to last a lifetime and to protect your structure from whatever mother nature or man throws at it. Asphalt shingles or wood shakes have a limited life cycle of 10 to 20 years. ALL STEEL ROOFING SYSTEMS will withstand weather influences and even hazards such as high winds, fire or earth quakes. We have invested in a wide range of test programs to insure our system lives up to the "Lifetime Warranty Plan". It has been tested to withstand wind driven rains in excess of 250 km/h (160 mph), thus being Hurricane and Cyclone resistant. Accelerated weather tests have proven the coating to stand up to intense ultra violet radiation. With the added protection of A,B,C, fire ratings, ALL STEEL ROOFING SYSTEMS can even withstand direct flames which will cause only surface damage to the coating but no distortion to the steel base. This will save the roof and the building from airborne ash and burning particles. Protect Your Real Estate Investment

ALL STEEL ROOFING SYSTEMS protects your real estate investment by better protecting the building from weather and hazards. It will add to a structure's resale value and significantly reduce future maintenance costs. In areas with a predominant threat from bush fires or an increased risk of high wind damage, ALL STEEL ROOFING SYSTEMS might even help lower insurance premiums. But even without natural hazards, ALL STEEL ROOFING SYSTEMS just adds to the beauty of your building for many decades to come. Conserve Energy in Hot and Cold Climates

ALL STEEL ROOFING SYSTEMS creates an air barrier between the tile and the subsurface the roofing system is fastened to. This air barrier significantly improves insulation. In hot climates testing and case studies have proven a 40% reduction of the attic temperature, resulting in lower costs for mechanical air conditioning. In cold climates, the layer of air slows down the transition of energy from the attic to the outside thus resulting in a reduction of heating costs. Not only does this save your money, it also helps protecting the environment by reducing the consumption of fossil energy.

ALL STEEL ROOFING SYSTEMS is produced from a substrate purchased through a Canadian steel mill. The amount of recycled steel used is directly proportionate to that of the steel manufacturer's current reclaimed program. Because the raw material is ordered to our specifications, there is no waste in the process. Any cuttings that are brought back from the job sites are returned to a scrap recycler. If in the future our roofing system is removed, the steel can be recycled whereas asphalt shingles or wood shakes will have to be deposited in landfill sites. When you consider the problem relating to the volume of materials that comes from one house and multiply that by 50,000 homes over a year, the area of landfill needed is staggering. ALL STEEL ROOFING SYSTEMS addresses this issue of landfill by cutting back on the number of roofs needed during a structure's lifespan and also by providing a recyclable product. Last but least, our system offers better insulation in hot and cold climates thus reducing the use of fossil fuels necessary for mechanical heating or air conditioning.