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When is a primer needed? Although many paint manufacturers are marketing "Paint & Primer" type paints, there are still many surfaces where using a primer specific to that surface is mare appropriate.

These include:
  • Smooth surfaces such as glass, ceramic, stainless steel, glossy alkyd paint
  • Bare ferrous metal (steel that rusts)
  • Galvanized steel
  • Surfaces that have been stained by smoke, water, nicotine, etc.
  • Bare plaster

How many coats of paint to use? If you are making a small colour change, one coat is often enough to do the job. In order to get the best colour accuracy, and paint film durability, two coats are best.

What factors affect the amount of paint needed? The main factor in how much paint you will need are the square footage of the surface. Other factors that will affect how much paint you will need are the texture of the surface and how porous it is.

On a renovation job, when should painting be done? This depends on the scope of the renovation, but generally speaking the painting should be done before the flooring is put down and if possible before the trim is installed. It can make painting the trim easier if you apply a coat of paint before it is installed, and apply the second coat after it has been installed and the nail holes have been filled.

The order that all paint jobs should be done is:
  1. Ceiling
  2. Walls
  3. Trim and doors

Is there a better time of the year for painting? Interior painting can be done any time of the year. Most acrylic latex paints are low odour, so that is less of an issue than it was in the past when people still used oil based paints.