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What makes granite a superior product?
Granite is the jewel of natural stones. It is formed as a result of volcanic rock that has hardened over the centuries, is impervious to the elements, and stays intact whether used indoors or outdoors. Granite comes in an array of dazzling colours and patterns, including rich earth tones as well as unique and exciting designs.

Granite is an extremely solid substance. Its extraordinary scratch, stain, and heat resistance makes it the ideal kitchen surface. Being a totally natural material it can usually be easily repaired if a minor issue occurs. As an additional measure at RGS, we apply a high-quality penetrating Sealer on everything we sell. This Sealer has a 15-year warranty and is included in the price of the countertop.

Granite could be considered to be the best value for your money by reason of its striking beauty and remarkable durability alone. But added to that is the fact that a granite countertop will not only elevate your kitchen to a new level of style and beauty, it is sure to enhance the value of your home and increase its resale profitability. Granite is also a very “green” product, as virtually no chemicals are used in its extraction or finishing processes. There are no toxic emissions when granite is being quarried, cut or polished. As far as environmental responsibility, granite is definitely a winner. The same cannot be said of the many engineered materials that have become available in the marketplace over the last several years.

What is the turnaround time for new kitchen counters?
Turnaround time is subject to many factors which may include new cabinet installation timelines, home ownership closing dates, material delivery delays, etc. Fabrication time also impacts turnaround time and may vary depending on the design and complexity of the project. However under normal circumstances, turnaround time for new kitchen counters is approximately 2 to 4 weeks from the date we template the project, assuming the stone is in stock. In some cases, turnaround time may be longer or shorter.

How long have you been working with granite?
We have been working with granite for almost 30 years, in a variety of interior and exterior applications. Some examples of indoor applications include kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, dining tables, coffee and sofa tables, fireplace hearths and mantles, shower enclosures, tub surrounds, desks, shelves, and sills. In addition to the currently popular exterior applications such as patio kitchens and BBQ area surfaces, we also have experience in building cladding, architectural embellishments, and outdoor markers.

Over the years we have become familiar with the characteristics of granite and have learned some of the more effective methods of handling and fabrication. In addition to granite, we have also worked with marble, quartzite, sandstone and slate, as well as engineered materials such as quartz surfaces.

What affects the price of granite?
The majority of granites consist of high quality natural stone available at a reasonable cost. There are certain granites that fall into a higher price category due to one or more of the following factors:
  • Availability - If the stone is rare, the quarry price goes up. Accessibility - If the stone is more costly to extract from the ground, those costs are carried over.
  • Vulnerability - If a particular stone is somewhat fragile it becomes rarer, causing the price to increase.

Can granite be a stand-alone upgrade or does it require a total renovation?
Granite can be added to a project of any size. It is often one of the final steps to a kitchen transformation project. Whether it is part of a total renovation including floors and cabinets, or a straightforward countertop replacement, it is a fairly simple process to replace existing work or eating surfaces with high-efficiency granite. The average kitchen countertop installation takes approximately 3 to 3-  hours from start to finish, and the kitchen can return to full functionality as soon as the plumbing is reconnected.