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When shopping for a stove - what should be considered?
Bigger is not better. You want to look for a stove (wood or gas) that is a proper size for the area that you would like to heat. Quality of the units would also want to be considered. You want a stove that is certified and make sure they are installed by certified installers. Style is also important. Wood and gas stove come in many different sizes and styles.

Must I have a ready made chimney?
No with wood burning stoves, we can install a stainless steel insulated chimney and with gas units, most of them are a direct vent out through wall or roof.

How long has the company been in business?
We have been in London since 1980. Joe and I have been operating the store at the current location since 1994.

What are the main differences between indoor and outdoor fireplaces?
An outdoor fireplace is mostly for show, giving you a little heat around the unit. An indoor wood or gas fireplace are design to give you heat for a room or two. Of course the main burners and gas valve would be different also.

What should you look for with an outdoor fireplac?
Make sure it is a fireplace that is approved for outdoors. Design is going to be the main item that most people look at for out door units. There are units the are more of a free-standing table or there are units that you could build in with stone.

The antique and retro appliances are made by Elmira in Elmira - They give you the look of a 1800 wood cook stove but come as an electric or gas or gas top with electric oven. You can order them as a 4 burner 30" or a 6 burner 45". You could also order a wood cook stove. The retro appliances give you more the 50 style in a 30" gas, electric and gas top electric oven. These fridges and stoves can be ordered in many different colours, such as a robins egg blue or buttercup yellow.