John Zubick Ltd. Scrap Metals

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John Zubick Limited provides recycling services for industrial, commercial, residential and educational organizations.

Founded as a buyer and seller of scrap metals, the London-based facility now provides a wide range of services to assist businesses and consumers throughout Southwestern Ontario in the responsible disposal of many waste materials.

Zubick's collect, sort, process and resell virtually all metal commodities from aluminum and copper to stainless steel, brass lead, zinc magnesium, and tin. Common sources for these materials include:
  • Waste metal and offcuts from manufacturing processes
  • Electronic waste such as telephones. TVs and computer components
  • Surplus refrigerators, stoves and other white goods and appliances
  • Auto parts, car bodies, catalytic converters, tires and other recoverable automotive materials
  • Household items from bicycles and barbeques to old metal furniture