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What are a couple things that need to be kept in mind when purchasing furniture for a new born?
Furniture for a newborn is no longer just nursery furniture, with cribs that convert to beds and change tables that are dressers, today’s furniture is designed for long term use. With that in mind selecting good quality furniture is important to ensure it will last through the years to come. Canadian Made, wood furniture will have a more durable finish than imported options and will stand up better over time.

Safety is also important when shopping for baby. Make sure your crib meets the current Canadian Safety Standards; especially if purchasing a used crib. Many dressers and bookcases now include anti-tip straps which should be used to prevent injury. If an anti-tip strap is not included with your furniture these can be purchased separately.

Even more important than the furniture is the mattress. This is not an item where you would want to scrimp; you get what you pay for when it comes to mattresses. And remember your newborn will spend the majority of his first years sleeping on this mattress. Choosing a quality mattress will help support his developing body.

How do you consider long term and growth when purchasing for a young child's room - both with style and colour choices?
When choosing furniture for your child’s room you should consider the style of other rooms in your home. If you tend to prefer modern style, then choosing children’s furniture with simple clean lines will blend with the rest of your home. Natural wood finishes are always in style, by avoiding trendy colours you can ensure your furniture will be in style now and in the future. Add colour to your child’s room through the paint and accessories which can easily be changed as your child grows.

When looking at the size of furniture, choose items that will suit your growing child and provide ample space for toddler as well as a teenager. Choosing a larger size bed or dresser now will ensure you're not shopping for a new bedroom set in 5-10 years.