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Published September 2021

September 22 - October 31

For many years now, London Ontario has been a part of a renowned international campaign that promotes one very important task: prayer to end abortion: Forty Days for Life. London Area Right to Life does not organize this event, but has always partnered with its leader or leaders, by helping to promote it, and pay for the registration and any signs or items needed. We currently need leaders for 40 Days for Life in order for the event to take place this year.

Are you feeling called to dedicate to the pro-life cause in this special way?

Is quiet, peaceful prayer for the unborn an important undertaking for you and for those with whom you wish to spread this mission?

London Ontario has a strong pro-life presence, and events such as 40 Days for Life are a testimony to the power of prayer to prevent someone that day from aborting her child, and to our prayer warriors who believe that prayer works!

If indeed you are feeling inspired to step up as London's 40 Days for Life 2021 leader, LARLA gladly encourages your generous spirit! To give you a better idea of how the event works, here are the simple steps involved:

1. Register London Ontario for 40 Days for Life, through their official website. You will become the point person for the event and will have access to the prayer vigil schedule online. You may receive a phone call from your mentor in Texas headquarters to confirm your leadership.

2. Promote 40 Days for Life, through LARLA website and their email campaigns, sending bulletins or flyers to Church groups and parishes, and simple yet effective word of mouth. Organizing a kick-off and closing vigil can be very beneficial in the promotion of the event.

3. During the event, try to keep participants focused on the goal of 40 Days for Life, maybe by posting videos or photos on your Facebook page, or sending scriptural and inspirational emails to start each day. Continue to remind participants to sign up their vigil hours online, so that you can have any idea of how many are attending.

4. Actively participate in 40 Days for Life with a weekly, if not daily presence in front of the clinic/hospital, even if for an hour at a time. Your prayerful leadership presence strengthens the goal of the mission and keeps you in touch with other prayer warriors.

Other details, such as reporting assault or vandalism, or how to set up for 40 Days, can definitely be discussed with any of our previous leaders, who will be happy to share their passion and experience.

If you or any of your friends are discerning to be the 40 Days for Life leader for London this year, feel free to email or call and leave a message at (519) 659-3334.

London Area Right to Life Association / 223 Talbot St. / London
Website (currently under (re)construction )
40 Days For Life International Website: