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Current/Archived News Stories

CCNL Prayer prompt May 2021
National Cyber Threat Assessment
Patience is a Virtue
BookMark - Trial and Error (BOOK REVIEW)
Little Time Remaining To.. Register For The FREE The Christian Life and Witness Course
Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario and Old Hickory Buildings Present “Sheds for Humanity Raffle Prize Draw”!
London Christian Prayer Breakfast – May 20, 2021
"A Whale of a Story!"
3 Lessons on Obedience To God
Hockey Ministries International Chapels During the Pandemic
Reel Review - Finding You (MOVIE REVIEW)
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (Virtual Choir #4) (VIDEO)
It's The Happiest Day Of Her Life Today (HUMOUR)

May » CCNL Prayer prompt May 2021
May » National Cyber Threat Assessment
May » Patience is a Virtue
May » BookMark - Trial and Error
May » Little Time Remaining To.. Register For The FREE The Christian Life and Witness Course
May » Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario and Old Hickory Buildings Present “Sheds for Humanity Raffle Prize Draw”!
May » London Christian Prayer Breakfast – May 20, 2021
May » "A Whale of a Story!"
3 Lessons on Obedience To God
May » Hockey Ministries International Chapels During the Pandemic
May » Reel Review - Finding You
May » It's The Happiest Day Of Her Life Today
April » Reel Review - Roe v. Wade
April » BookMark - Healthy Gut Zone: Heal Your Digestive System to Restore Your Body and Renew Your Mind
April » April 2021 Prayer Prompt
...around the table
April » The Churches of London Series
Village Green Community Church
April » The Imprisoned for Christ Virtual Event – April 24th!
Register Now!
April » Navigating Faith & Culture - Together
Faith Today magazine now FREE in Canada
April » The Greater London Celebration with Will Graham
Did You Miss the Virtual Celebration Launch Event?
April » Integrity
April » London Christian Life and Witness Course May - June
April » An Update from The London Child & Youth Network
March » March 2021 Prayer Prompt
For Those Who Are Older
March » Churchyard Bees
March » Excitement Builds For The Greater London Celebration With Will Graham
March » BookMark - The Tipping Point - The End Is Here
March » Mennonite Coalition for Refugee Support Renames as COMPASS Refugee Centre
March » The Churches of London:
London Seventh-Day Adventist Church
March » The Retrouvaille Program
For Married Couples Facing Difficult Challenges in their Relationship
March » Considering Tyndale University? Come For A Virtual Visit...Here!
March » Reel Review - Bigfoot Family
March » More Americans Than People in Other Advanced Economies Say COVID-19 Has Strengthened Religious Faith
Where Do Canadians Rank?
March » Write What You Know
March » I’m Drawing God!
February » what we say matters...
February Prayer Prompt
February » Project Hope - London
February » BookMark - Always Know; See Hear Love
February » Children in need around the world to receive 373,000 gift-filled shoeboxes from Canadians
February » Helping Hands: How to Minister to your Community During COVID
February » The Churches of London:
West London Alliance Church Arabic Fellowship
February » New Day – You Are Not Alone
February » Londoners’ Generosity Extends Food Bank’s Reach
February » People, We Are at War!
February » Reel Review - Charming
February » Prayer Time
January » January Prayer Prompt
Dream Again
January » It’s A Go – The Celebration with Will Graham Is Coming To London Here Is The Latest News
January » Kids Off the Block: An Interview with Diane Latiker
January » Open Doors Releases 2021 World Watch List
January » Reel Review - The Croods: A New Age
January » BookMark - Kids Off the Block
January » People on the Move
New Leadership at Canadian Christian Business Federation and Promise Keepers
January » 15 Reasons to Laugh ... Spiritually
December » Conspiracy or Not
May » A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (Virtual Choir #4)
April » Working from Home - 4 Must See Videos!
March » Back To God - Reba McEntire - Live from The Ryman Auditorium
March » Take A Break – Have A Chuckle with Tim Hawkins & Bob Smiley
March » Just Released March 1st – 100 of The Best Praise & Worship Songs
December » BookMark - Divine Christmas (Divine Christian Cozy Mystery #5)
December » Reel Review - The Christmas Chronicles 2
December » 25 Christmas Jokes You Can Tell Kids
December » Top Old Christmas Songs - Christian Christmas Worship Songs
December » Mary, Did You Know?
December » Silent Night – Sung By Claire Ryann When She Was Just 4
December » John the Baptist: a Prophetic Voice in the Wilderness
December » John the Baptist: a Prophetic Voice in the Wilderness
December » December 2020 Prayer Prompt
December » A Hopeful Tomorrow: Greg’s Story
December » Magnificat Luke 1: 47
December » Measuring the COVID-19 Effect on Canadian Christian Charities
November » Reel Review - Operation Christmas Drop
November » BookMark - The Harbinger II: The Return
November » Pray London
"Light in the Darkness"
November » Living a New Life of Hope
November » Genesis Christened by the Church of England
November » Uphold Freedom of Expression on Abortion in London, Ontario
November » Canadians Invited To Bless Children In Need With Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Gifts
November » The Remarkable Story of How Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Was Founded
November » "Come Forth And Receive Eternal Life"
November » “This little light of mine; I'm goin' to let it shine”
November » A Time to Sew
November » Everything You want to Know about Christian Colleges in the United States
November » (Where Feet May Fail) - Hillsong United Cover By Anika Shea
November » Acoustic Sessions - "What Love is Like" featuring Melanie Tierce
November » “Welcome King Jesus” Featuring Kaden Slay & Melanie Tierce
October » BookMark - The Crushing Depths(Coastal Guardians #2)
October » A Bridge to Mercy
October » Elder Abuse in London
October » ”HOW LONG...?“
The Inner Question That Lurks Around The Edges Of Our Dailies
October » Project Maple Leaf
October » Tony Kulpa Joins the Christian Life in London Team
October » Promise Keepers Canada Announces New Name And Website For Global Reach
October » Mercy Ships Announces The Global Mercy, World's Largest NGO Hospital Ship
October » Little Girl, I Say To You, Arise
October » Reel Review - Heaven
October » The Celebration with Will Graham Is Here In London – Right Now!!
October » Creative Contest for Canadian Students
October » The Language of Love
October » Canadian Non-Profit and Ministry Leaders Discuss Real-Life Leading Through Crisis
October » 3rd Grade Students Asking Questions To God
September » BookMark - Dead End (Kaely Quinn Profiler #3)
September » Reel Review - The Personal History of David Copperfield
September » ‘God always has a plan’: Encouragement from Will Graham
September » 40 Days for Life Kick-Off Vigil!
September » London’s Creation Bookstore: An Uplifting Space in a Difficult World
September » Ark Aid Mission: Striving to Serve
September » A Four-Lesson Study Considering Biblical Principles Of Estate Planning
September » London Food Bank: Fighting Food Insecurity at all Levels
September » Sanctuary in Time of Greatest Need
September » London Pregnancy and Family Support Centre Invites You to the… First Ever Virtual Gala Event and It’s Free
September » Bible League Canada Announces New Standalone Canadian Ministry Division
September » We Must Stay Positive During COVID
August » BookMark - The Jerusalem Assassin (Marcus Ryker #3)
August » Reel Review - The Grizzlies
August » Bible Memorization
August » The Major Storms of Life
August » Doomsday Asteroid, Devil Rock and Bright Morning Star
August » How Christians Can Fight Depression
August » Jeanne Robertson On The Challenges Of Raising Boys - VIDEO
July » BookMark - The Way of the Brave
July » Reel Review - My Spy
July » Funny Signs at a time when Laughter is in Short Supply!
July » The New Normal? But what is normal? What will it look like?
July » Strange Passage of Time
July » Ann Mainse Pens Her Cancer Healing Journey in "Coffee with Him"
July » Witnessing wisely
July » Open Doors: Ministry in Closed Countries During COVID-19
July » Win a Limited Edition of the Open Doors Book: “India Illustrated” AND An Original Work of Art!
July » 5 Powerful Prayers for Restoration of a Broken World
July » Online Celebration prayer events, worship gatherings
June » BookMark - Chasing Vines: Finding Your Way to an Immensely Fruitful Life
June » Reel Review - I Still Believe
June » We Invite YOU To Get Involved with The London Celebration with Will Graham
119 Churches United across Canada to Record the Project.
June » How to Run Alpha Online with Zoom
June » Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario Launches
The Home Together Fund
June » Inspirational Video
11-Year-Old Sings Inspiring Rendition Of 'Rise Up'
June » 'Walk By Faith' Jeremy Camp Re-Releases Hit Single - Christian Music Videos
June » Jeff Foxworthy Comments on Ontario
June » The London Pregnancy and Family Support Centre
Reaching Women and Families in Crisis During COVID-19
June » "....considering the other"
Pray London Prompt
June 2020
June » Aylmer’s The Church of God
Hosting Parking Lot Services Every Sunday Since Easter
May » Well......If This Doesn’t Make You Smile, Then You’re Just Grumpy!
May » Andrea Bocelli Sings 'Amazing Grace' In Empty Plaza In Milan
May » BookMark - Promised Land (Second and final book in the Chosen People series)
May » Reel Review - Go to the Movies...At Home. Great Christian Movies Streaming Right Now on Netflix
May » Pray for London
Post Easter 2020
May » Mission Peru 2020 (A Dad’s Perspective)
May » From Devastation to Innovation
May » Ending Exploitation Through Education
May » Bill Payne - A London Good Samaritan Supporting the Vulnerable at St. Joseph’s Hospitality Centre Throughout COVID
April » BookMark - Jesus: The God Who Knows Your Name
April » Reel Review - Go to the Movies...At Home. 9 Great Christian Movies Streaming Right Now on Netflix
April » How to Talk to Your Kids about Coronavirus without Instilling Fear Check Your Own Fear with God’s Word
April » Why Hoard Mountains of Toilet Paper When One Roll Will Do?
April » 'Wash Your Hands' The Holderness Family A Cappella Parody - Comedy Videos
April » Home Alone - With the Kids
April » The Pickle Jar that Changes Lives
April » Prayer Prompt for London
.... for moments like these
April » Coffee & Conversations with Women of the Bible
A Beautiful Heart – Coffee with Esther
April » How to build trust in your workplace
April » A Real Conversation with Compassion Canada's new President and CEO Allison Alley
March » BookMark - Forgiving My Father, Forgiving Myself: An Invitation to the Miracle of Forgiveness
March » Reel Review - Sonic the Hedgehog
March » Wow! Rev. Fr. Peter Colapiet Made Me the Beneficiary of His Will At the Sum of $6,500,000.00
March » Retirement: What are you retiring from? What are you retiring to?
March » Black & White…explained?
March » Mental Illness – Mental Wellness: A Christian Approach
March » London Residents Contribute More Than 4,700 Boxes to National Total
March » Coronavirus COVID-19 – As Londoners, How Worried Should You Be?
February » BookMark - Smoke Screen
February » Reel Review - 1917
February » Connecting People to Jobs and Jobs to People
February » London Christian Prayer Breakfast / Day of Prayer Coming Soon!
February » Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario Announces: National Writing Contest Meaning of Home-for students in Grades 4, 5 and 6
February » A Less Tolerant, More Dangerous World for Christians
February » Three Londoners See the Other Side of Israel
February » Praying For Hearing
January » January Prayer Prompt
January » Pastor Buchanan Celebrates His 90th
January » Reel Review - Just Mercy
January » BookMark - The Faith of Queen Elizabeth: The Poise, Grace, and Quiet Strength Behind the Crown
January » Prayer for the New Year
January » Alabama performs ‘Let’s All Go Down To The River To Pray.'
January » Looking for London & St Thomas Families for the Habitat for the Humanity Heartland Homeownership Program
January » Beginner's Pluck
January » Ark Aid Street Ministry Seeking Executive Director
December » Taking Inventory
December » BookMark - Dark Ambitions - Code of Honor #3 (Series)
December » London Christian Business Leaders introduced to Arrow Entrepreneur
December » 100,000 Students Participate In World's Largest Theology School Graduation
December » The Centre of Hope
December » Villages United Church and Ministries
December » Sorry, Johnny Can’t Be In The Play
December » Christmas Cookie Therapy
December » Video: Sisters Sing A Cappella ; ‘Mary Did You Know’
December » Your 2019 Advent Calendar
December » London's Good Samaritans Bob Hutton - Reaching Youth through YFC London
December » A Tribute to William (Bill) Carter Bethel
December » Christian Churches Network of London Announcements
December » Son of the Most High
December » Recorded Live at the 2019 Country Music Awards - Dolly Parton And Zach Williams Perform 'There Was Jesus'
November » BookMark - The Oracle: The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled
November » Video – Bless us, oh Lord, and these thy gifts which we are about to receive I am having now!
November » Canada Prayfast in London
November » Will You “HELP HEAR AT HOME”?
November » Will Graham and The Quinte Celebration of Hope in Belleville
November » Justin: Belonging His Way
November » Mission Possible Canada A Remarkable Story of His Work and Equipping the Next Generation of Christ-centered Leaders
November » 12 Neighbors
November » When Does Life Begin?
November » Allison Alley : Compassion Canada’s new President and CEO
November » Western Campus Ministry at 50: A Global Christian Witness at Western
November » Mission Partners International
November » Wings of Prayer Ministries
November » Welcome to the November Edition of Christian Life in London
October » Canadian Thanksgiving – A Liturgical Festival
October » London's Good Samaritans Dan Morand - Spreading God's Love to the Forgotten of London
October » Let’s Pray for Canada’s Federal Election
October » Laurie Marks Vincent Introduces the Blessing Fund
October » Ian puts his Culinary Skills to Work at London Youth for Christ's "Café Connect"
October » Pray for Education
October » BookMark - Vow of Justice
October » A First Time Need: James’ Story of Shelter Diversion
October » Meet my Dragons
October » Refuge Ministries Canada Equipping Churches for Youth Prison Ministry in Their Community
October » God is watching!
October » Video – The Color Musical Choir Presents "You Raise Me Up"
October » 10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace
August 2019 Lindau, Germany
October » The New President of the Arctic Missions Outreach Trust Fund “My Vision for the Church”
September » An Interview with the Kendrick’s Brothers on Overcomer “We think you’re going to love it!”
September » BookMark - The Killing Tide (Coastal Guardians #1)
September » A Message from The Editor Of Christian Life in London
September » “How does 40 Days for Life change lives?”
September » Gateway Equine Healing Centre
A Place of Refuge and Healing for Abused Horses, Teens & Women
September » The First International Day Commemorating the Victims of Violence Based on Religion or Belief. – August 22, 2019
September » Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Led Research Helps Answer Canadian Church Questions
September » King’s University College at Western University
A Catholic, Liberal Arts University College
September » A Christian charitable organization committed to empowering international students to impact the world through Jesus Christ
September » No One Is an Island
September » Ark Aid Street Mission
For 35 Years - Practically Expressing Christian Faith and Love Where They are Needed Most
September » Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson Guest Preachers
August » BookMark - Defying Jihad: The Dramatic True Story of a Woman Who Volunteered to Kill Infidels-and Then Faced Death for Becoming One
August » Born half a world apart...but united in anticipating the Celebration of Hope
August » Get Up – It’s Time For Church!
August » Have a Safe and Blessed Summer
August » "One Dominion" is Waiting for You
August » Tips For Reading And Understanding The Bible
August » Video – for Song: ‘Reason’, From Christian rock band: “Unspoken”
August » Finished High School but don’t have the answer to; What’s Next?
Redeemer University College May Have the Answer
July » BookMark - Not Forsaken: Finding Freedom as Sons & Daughters
July » REEL REVIEW - Toy Story 4
July » Renegotiating Faith The Delay in Young Adult Identity Formation and What It Means for the Church in Canada
July » It’s A Wrap – The 2018 Alpha Program Review
July » The Pastor's Mother and the Usher
July » Find Your Tribe
July » Canadian Theaters Cancel ‘Unplanned’ Movie Showings After ‘Personal Threats’ Against Employees and Their Families
July » News Briefs from The Canadian Christian News Service
July » Positive Outcome For Christian Charities As Senate Affirms "Advancing Religion"
July » Concern for Canadian Police Officers’ Mental Health Inspires Special Free Bible Distribution
July » Canadian Bible Society Chosen As Exclusive Canadian Distributor Of Alabaster The Bible Beautiful
July » Flyingbow Celebrates 10 Years With Renewed Vision
July » International Justice Mission Canada Announces New Leadership
June » Experience Another World Without Leaving Yours
June » REEL REVIEW - Overcomer
June » BookMark - Don’t Give Up: Faith That Gives You the Confidence to Keep Believing and the Courage to Keep Going
June » Videos of the 2019 Prayers for London
June » The 2019 London Christian Prayer Breakfast
“An unseen Hope made the Red Sea Road where there is no other way”
June » Getting Connected on the Opioid Crisis – A Free In-Studio and Livestream Event
June » London Area Right to Life Newly Elected President - Jeffrey Belanger
June » Chaplain Rejoices as Flood Victim Accepts Jesus Christ
June » A Sense of Place
May » London Christian Prayer Breakfast
May » London – A Thrifters Paradise
May » LPFSC 28th Annual Banquet Reflections
May » Written in Your Bulletin?
May » Incredible Moment When Image Of Jesus Appears In The Sky Over Italy
May » Gone to the Dogs
May » Be Part Of London’s Next Homeless Prevention and Housing Plan
May » BookMark - The Book of Signs Study Guide: 31 Undeniable Prophecies of the Apocalypse
May » Leadership Changes at International Justice Mission Canada
May » CAFÉ (Christian Adult Fellowship Events)
May » The New King’s Academy - St Thomas Believing That Great Futures Start With Christian Education!
April » Habitat For Humanity – Now Accepting Applications For The Habitat For Humanity Home Ownership Program In London
April » Diaspora Churches in London
April » The Shepherd's Guide Christian Business and Ministry Directory Celebrating Greater London Area's 20th Anniversary Edition
April » A Lifeline
April » Introducing: Hope and Healing International
April » Compassion Canada; 3 Young Rwandans Pursue Peace After Genocide
April » BookMark - Code of Valor – Blue Justice
April » Goats and such
April » Home Is Where the Heart Is
April » The 2019 Edition of Church Sign Humour
April » Why Does The Date For Easter Change & What Are The Origins Of The Word Easter?
April » REEL REVIEW - UglyDolls
March » BookMark - The Persian Gamble
March » REEL REVIEW - How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World
March » It Takes Eight Men!
March » London Christian Prayer Breakfast
March » New Life Prison Ministries
March » God’s Laughter
March » Fight the Winter Blahs
March » Compassion Canada to Host 'A Night of Music and Meaning'
March » Christian Blind Mission (cbm) Canada Working with the World's Most Vulnerable People Announces Strategic Programming Shift
March » Lots of ‘New” at Camp Cherith including New Director Heather-Lynn Huston
March » Over One Million People In Canada Have Taken Alpha!
March » 'I'll Turn to Him' Original Worship Song by Monica Scott - Inspirational Videos
February » The Little Black Book of Scams
February » The Bible with More than Words!
February » Open Doors Canada Releases 2019 World Watch List
February » Alpha 2018:
+100,000 Canadians Explored and discovered Life, Faith and Jesus
February » What to Say to a Person Who is Hurting
February » Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario Launches Writing Contest for Students in Grades 4, 5 and 6
February » BookMark
February » Pre-meal Prayer: The Official Rules Video According to Christian Comedian John Crist
January » What denominations would you like?
January » BookMark
January » Meet the Pastor: Gary Schell of Church in the Oaks
January » Compassion International Celebrates Churches While Marking a Major Milestone
January » Introducing Chantelle McGuffin and Boss Chics
January » Casting Crowns Releases 'Only Jesus' Album
January » The Religious Typology
A new way to categorize the population by religion
September » Good Samaritan: 15-year-old Trista Reid Delivers Despite Battling Rare Brain Disease