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Published January 2022
By Carolyn Brackett

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

“There is no doubt, that the impacts of sin and living in a broken world are having its ongoing effects on us. Thankfully, there is Hope Ahead, as our reality is not going to be like this forever. God's Word gives us a glimpse of the preferred future that God has in store, and this Sunday we are going to focus on that for a few moments as we lift our eyes towards a different global reality- God's reality,” wrote Pastor Shane Simms, lead pastor at Hillside Church, 138 Thompson Road in his weekly newsletter to the church.

With that his online presentation on January 9 was to encourage the congregants to prepare to close their eyes and imagine what God's new earth is going to be like- its coming, that there is hope ahead.

Simms is relatively new as lead pastor to the church, He and is wife Yvonne were inducted in September 2021.

Hillside itself has also put on a new look having gone through a year of transition while it sought the best new pastor to join transitional pastor, Keith Shields. The church is getting to know itself and each other again. Simms, who teaches in series, explained he will spend the month of January speaking to the nature of who Hillside has become over the last couple of years, and who they are right now.

“This is a new moment, and God is calling us into new things, with both "old” and “new" Hillsiders, those who have been at Hillside for a while and those who are new to the community. Hillside Church was originated by a remnant of Believers who formerly attended Wortley Baptist Church.

Simms is delighted to be ministering at Hillside Church, a church that defines itself as a diverse community of Christ followers seeking to serve like Jesus.“I like that Hillside Church has its roots literally in the community with the building’s history as a bowling alley, they kept one lane to be part of the church when they refurbished the building, and that it is actively involved in the Glen Cairn community.”

Simms is called to be a community pastor. He discovered that when he ministered at a church in Newfoundland with a similar role in the community. While his ministry over the last 20 years has included serving in different roles, and his interests are equally diverse, he has always had that tug to make a difference in community. Until he read the posting for a lead pastor for Hillside Church.

He came to Hillside Church after serving for five years giving leadership to the multi-site strategy team at North Park Church. Simultaneously he was also the site pastor for the multi-site location North Park Huron.

While praying for the new lead pastor, some of the congregants who sat for many years under the ministry of Robert and Martha Wilson at Wortley Baptist Church, started praying for a lead pastor whose wife was equally committed to being part of the ministry.

Many former Wortley members remember when Senior Pastor Robert Wilson with his wife Martha tag teamed in ministry. Martha was very involved with the fellowship aspect of the church, organizing among other events a weekly women’s coffee hour that drew women of all ages and demographics into the church to hear interesting speakers and for many to hear the Gospel for the first time.

Since he began in ministry, Simms and Yvonne, his wife of 23 years, have been tag team ministering. Before Simms was inducted in September 2021 Shane and Yvonne gave a tag team presentation “The Joy is in the Journey” to introduce themselves to the congregation. Simms is pleased they have that part of their ministry back. The couple have two daughters Bella and Georgia who are also involved in ministry. If you would like to chat with Simms email him at

Presently, Hillside is celebrating its Sunday gatherings on its livestream Youtube platform. The elders will look at that again at the end of January.

The church also hosts “neighbourhood hubs” for community fellowship when it is permissible and Kidzone programs for kids now presented through online videos. Again go to / to see what else is available, including interesting online teaching.

An online prayer network is kept up to date with information included in the church’s weekly newsletter. Prayer requests and testimonies of answered prayer can be emailed

For more information go to or email or or phone 519.914.1691.