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Published December 2022

A group of local Christian business and church leaders has been meeting weekly for several years to pray for our community. Over the course of time, it has become increasingly apparent that there is an urgent need to minister to men. A recent report on reported that 70% of Christian men felt that they had reached their spiritual peak more than 10 years in the past.

The group was moved to action and surveyed over 350 London and area clergy and leaders for valuable insight and input as to what might be done and how to do it.

The London Team was formed from the greater group, with advice and support from local pastors, Christian leaders and the Christian Churches Network of London, to prepare for a one-day men’s ministry event with speakers, music, fellowship, activities, fun and encouragement for men, that they believe will be the spark of something greater, a ReBoot if you will.

The London Team is expecting God to do something extraordinary, that will have an impact on London and area for years, even generations to come.

What? ReBoot Men’s Event
When? Saturday, March 25, 2023
Where? London Gospel Temple, London, ON

More details to follow...stayed tuned.

About The London Team
A committee of like-minded men and women from various backgrounds, who are committed to providing encouragement to the community through various resources and events for Men, Women, Youth and Children.

Our Leadership
The London Team is led and directed by Chairman Randy Collins, Vice-Chair George Glover and Secretary -Treasurer Gisele Baribeau. Their combined and varied experience within the local Christian and business communities positions The London Team to gain access and input from leaders representing a large cross-section of London and area.

Our Vision
The vision of The London Team is to see lives changed by the transforming power of Jesus Christ. We seek to lead the lost to be found, the found to be free and the free to be encouraged to make a Kingdom Impact.

For more information, contact:

Chuck McDougall
ReBoot Men’s Event Coordinator