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Published December 2023


Christmas is such a great time for children’s ministries. You can teach kids who Jesus is, why He came, and what it means to follow Him. It’s important to focus on sharing the true meaning of Christmas. Yet it’s also a great time to connect with kids through Christmas jokes. You can use these with one child before a service or in a large or small group.

Often at Christmas, churches have guests. It’s also when all the CEOs show up (Christmas & Easter Only). You’ll want to engage these kids and families while they’re at your church. If the kids have a great experience, then they’ll bug mom and dad to bring them more often!

So have fun using these Christmas jokes this season to connect with kids. All it takes is one funny joke to bring down the wall a child may have put up. Then once that wall is down and kids have decided to engage with you, you can share God’s Word with them heart to heart.

First, start with a joke that gets kids to laugh and helps them connect with you. That means you’ll have a great opportunity to share the true meaning of Christmas.

25 Christmas Jokes You Can Tell Kids

1. What do you call a greedy elf?

2. Which of Santa’s reindeer has bad manners?

3. What is a skunk’s favorite Christmas song?
Jingle smells!

4. What did Santa name his dog?
Santa Paws!

5. Where do snowmen keep money?
In a snow bank.

6. What’s the best thing to put into Christmas dinner?
Your teeth!

7. What did Adam say on the day before Christmas?
It’s Christmas, Eve!

8. How much did Santa pay for his sleigh?
Nothing. It was on the house.

9. Why is Santa so good at karate?
’Cause he has a black belt.

10. What’s Santa’s favorite candy?
Jolly ranchers.

11. What does the gingerbread man put on his bed?
Cookie sheets.

12. What is an elf’s favorite kind of music?
Wrap music!

13. What do monkeys sing at Christmas time?
Jungle bells, Jungle Bells.

14. What do you call Frosty the Snowman in May?
A puddle!

15. Why are Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen always wet?
Because they are rain deer.

16. What did the beaver say to the Christmas tree?
Nice gnawing you!

17. What do you get if you cross a bell with a skunk?
Jingle Smells!

18. Why did Rudolph get a bad report card?
Because he went down in history.

19. What is a Christmas tree’s favorite candy?

20. What do you get when you cross a snowman and a dog?

21. What do you sing at a snowman’s birthday party?
Freeze a jolly good fellow!

22. What goes “oh, oh, oh”?
Santa walking backward!

23. Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Mary who?
Mary Christmas!

24. What does a cat on the beach have in common with Christmas?
Sandy claws!

25. Mason says to his mother: “You can delete the train set from my Christmas wish list.” Mother: “Why is that?” Mason: “Yesterday I found one in the closet.”