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Published December 2023

Christian Believers in London and beyond were dismayed to learn of the passing of international Pastor/Reverend Australian Stan Edwards in late 2023. At 83, the valiant warrior for the Lord yet compassionate friend to many was working in ministry literally until his final hours.

The 70-year engaging Bible based preacher/teacher, 40-year School in the Spirit teacher at London Gospel Temple, counsellor and deliverance minister was also a community investment specialist, sales manager and the man with the singing voice.

It all began in Melbourne, Australia where God showed Stan, He was calling him into ministry and his preacher father initiated him into the pulpit when he was just 13.

Professionally Stan apprenticed and worked as a printer and sales manager around the Commonwealth. Independent and determined by nature, Stan earned the title of champion in Esso’s 500 mile interstate bike race in 1958.

Spiritually, however, for Pastor Stan it was all about Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven. Pastor Stan was so committed to Jesus and what he did in ministry, in the weeks prior to his passing, between hospital stays he dragged his sick body with his briefcase into his car to teach his Sunday morning class. It was his last class.

Pastor Stan is survived by his sisters Glenys and Roma Edwards, his grandchildren Jake, Courtney and Cloe and his wife Marilynn Vanderstaay Edwards. For the most part though his family was the multitude of Believers and non-Believers he taught and lived Jesus and His Gospel with with in word and deed. Pastor Stan Edwards will be sorely missed.

In lieu of a funeral the family working with London Gospel Temple and close friends Dr. Thomas Eberhard and John Henry have organized a Celebration of the Life of Pastor Stan Edwards to be held after the busyness of the holidays, the day after his 84rd birthday on Saturday, January 20 at 2 pm at London Gospel Temple. 288 Commissioners Road West. For more information, please phone 519.657.4630.